Travelling a laptop lifestyle – Sail Croatia

Sail Croatia, all I can say is WOW and there you go, that is the end of the blog. 

No, only kidding, but if you are thinking of going to Croatia, do it. 


Just living the best life

We landed in Split after a 14-hour flight to Dubai and an 8-hour flight to Rome. Add an 8 hours stopover in Rome (which we stayed around the airport that whole time) and then you land in Split. 




For the record, yes we did shower in this time, it was at the Rome Airport lounge just outside the terminal and it was the best $33AUD I ever spent. 

So what does a week of sail look like? 


We arrived in Split at 8am and it was off the bus and into the nearest bar we could find. The bus from the airport is only 3 Kuna and takes you straight to the port. 


Love that portrait mode

One Eyed Pig was a great pub to set up for the morning, especially with cheap cocktails. Yes, we started drinking at 8am and yes it came back to bite us later. 


What a country!

To get to our boat it required us to walk through three other boats, this was the moment I remembered why I brought a pack and not a suitcase – it is a struggle.  


Our home for the week

But what a boat, what a group, it was set to be a big week. Once we all got aquatinted it was time to navigate our rooms and set off. The rooms had ensuites, which really was a toilet and shower in one, yep, see what I mean here. 

Split was a short stay before we landed in Omis, after a swim stop along the way of course. There really is no better feeling than swimming in the middle of the sea on a floaty next to your houseboat. 


Daily views


Omis is a very beautiful and very small old town. We walked up to the fort, which gave the incredible view. You can walk up further and land yourself right on the top of the mountain, which would be stunning, it was just too hot for me at that moment. If you are a fit boy or girl, I recommend.  


Omis fort lookout

For the night it was our Captain’s BBQ where we tried some Croatia sausage and meats (delicious) followed by a rooftop bar called Eol and beach club. 

The building in these towns were just stunning, put together with the picturesque mountains and we found ourselves in awe most of the time.


Worth the sweatiness


This was the day we were woken by the boat taking off heading for our next stop. The swim stop cured me of a suspected hangover and we arrived in yet another beautiful town, Makarska. A lot bigger than Omis and a town they very much honour Saint Peter, this guy is seen everywhere! 


Mountains and sea = beauty

The laneways and little boutique stores are super cute, but the beaches are packed! 

It was this night where everything got a bit next level and the Rave Cave (Deep) was our nightclub of choice. These towns look peaceful and quiet in the day but at night, it was a whole other story! 


The girls!

Plus the boat happy hour and cocktail jugs do NOT help. 

Stari Grad

Day three was a struggle, it was definitely a rest day. The swim stop couldn’t really save me on this day, but there is no better place to be hungover than on a boat in Croatia – really makes you practice gratitude. That blue water and stunning backdrops made it easier to feel grateful. 


The fam bam!

The village of Stari Grad is small, right on a canal and is gorgeous. I am actually obsessed with the building and little laneways within all the villages. 


Winery donkey

After exploring the small town, it was a trip to the Stari Grad Plain Winery for the evening and sunset. The food and wine at this place is ridiculous, so good! Watching the sunset over the vineyard was incredible.


The food was amazing!

Dinner was an absolute feast of lamb and veal, everything they make at this winery was grow within the property. Plus the pet Donkey’s were so cute! 


Stari Grad laneways

It was definitely a much needed early night at this stop, plus the town is pretty quiet, so if you are looking for your rest night, this is it. 


Stari Grad Plain winery


Next day, next stop, Hvar and it was one of my favourites. If you are visiting Hvar, you must walk up to the fort on top of the town, yes it is hot and sweaty work but my god it is so stunning! 


Hvar lookout

The town is pretty popular and busy, our boat had to wait until 8:30pm before it could dock. So in the meantime, we wandered around the town, went to Bonj of a sneaky cocktail and had a really nice meal at Spice Asian Food, where they do Asian fusion. 


Swim spots were life

Hvar is famous for the beach nightclub Capre Diem Beach Club, however, for us it was the bar Kiva and club Pink Champagne for the night. My personal favourite was the bar, cheap drinks, good music and LOADS of people. 


The injuries and illnesses were really starting to set in at this stage. I’d fallen over way too many times whilst enjoying too many drinks and the late nights were definitely taking a toll. 


Korcula – view from the cocktail bar

So the cruise to Korcula was spent lounging and sleeping before our daily swim stop and dock in the town of Korcula, this is the smaller version of Dubrovnik, so we had been told and the walls around keep the town cool in summer and warmer in winter. 


Gender bender fam

On the agenda was ice cream (a daily ritual for me) and a bit of a wander around town before heading to Massimo for a cocktail. This cocktail bar is set in an old fort, they use a pulley to transport the cocktails up to the top and although the view is beautiful, it is very hot up there, like very! 

Then it was back again for another party on the boat, gender bender, disturbing but also very fun. We headed out and then ended the night at a foam party, where the foam was over my head and I nearly drowned from being so submerged in the foam. 

Mljet and Sipan

Day six and it was all about swimming and relaxing. We were woken very early for a tour around the Mljet National Park, which I wish I was less hungover to enjoy. This was 130 Kuna and the park was stunning! 


Doesn’t get much better

The swimming holes were great and you can also hire kayaks and bikes, but due to the hangover, it was back on the boat for me. 

Thank god for the boat stop for a swim, it was definitely much needed! Then the night was spent together on the boat with our Captain’s dinner and trivia, very chill and a VERY early night. 


The nature surrounding the sea was incredible


Personally, Dubrovnik was one of my favourite cities we stopped in, yes it was busy but the Old Town is simply stunning! If you use public transport to get into Old Town and out, the bus system is very interesting and the people are VERY rude. 


Dubrovnik laneways were stunning

However, doing the “walk of the walls” simply made me fall in love with the place, the view of the whole town from one end to the next was breathtaking – do NOT finish before you have done the whole thing, you will have regrets otherwise. Yes from the top it is VERY hot, but my god, seriously you will understand when you do it. 


Walk of the walls is a must!

Once you have finished the walk of the walls tour, head to the edge of town to one of the many swimming spots on the rocks and drink on the edge of the water. It would be so spectacular at sunset. 


So many view points

You could also spend hours walking down the little laneways and exploring all the little shops, yes they are expensive and yes most of them sell Game of Thrones merch. For dinner, we had Mexican at Mex Cantina Bona Fide for our last family dinner!!! My favourite thing about this place, the free tequila shot on arrival, but I definitely recommend opting for the fajitas, they are delish. 


Mexican dins!

If you are looking for a cool bar to have a dance and drink buckets of alcohol (literally) Treccolero Bucket Bar is your go-to! Really good value and 99 Kuna bucks. You can sit up the stairs or dance for hours, the music is that good. 


My favourite spot

If you are looking for a club Revelin might be your preference, it is a super club but definitely not my style, very busy and the music is all house – but it depends what you like! 


Last night with the fam

Overall Dubrovnik was definitely a highlight for me! 

Overall thoughts on Sail Croatia

If you’re young and love to party, I couldn’t recommend Sail Croatia to you enough! I went with the Bus-about crew and it was one of the best weeks of my life! Our guide Paul was amazing, our crew (and favourite bartender Ivan) were incredible and the people we met were so much fun to be around. 


In love with Dubrovnik

We ended the trip with a lot of battle scars and bruises but it was all part of what was truly an amazing week. If you aren’t young, I’m sure they do tours on fancy boats to see the islands and parts of Croatia we did, but seriously it is a MUST do!! 


The girls at Stari Grad

From walking through other people’s boats (to get to your own) to showering in the toilet and jumping off the boat roof, it was the time of our lives! 


Sunsets and vino!

When it came to freelancing and doing a sail, it wasn’t easy even with all the downtime we had. When you can’t really escape the heat, it makes it hard to do work during the day, however, because you have NO responsibility apart from having fun I found I got things done without stress and in a shorter time frame. 


Pirate party ready

However, I did give myself a few days off to settle into travelling and having a bit of a great from the full-time job and side hustle juggle, but the best thing is, if you can get work done on your mobile while on the go, it makes it SO much easier!! 


Daily gelato

If you want to learn more about my journey of my 6-week laptop lifestyle, please connect with me on LinkedIn! 


Living the dream

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