Travelling a laptop lifestyle – Europe

I’m back again!! This time with a bit of a different twist! Yes, I will still be telling stories and sharing my tips on different destinations, but this time I will be doing shorter blogs while also sharing my journey of living the 6-week laptop lifestyle as I travel through Europe!! 

Starting Content Queen has been a life changing experience and it is SUCH an exciting time for me. As I continue to find my feet as a business owner, I have also found my niche! As a freelancer, I am having so many experiences on how to gain clients, promote myself and use mindfulness to call in aligned clients, so my mission is to now help other aspiring writer and freelancer do exactly what I do – write for a living!! 


Got loads done on the plane – probably writing this in the photo haha!

The digital nomad/laptop lifestyle is SO inspiring to me, so this 6 weeks is just a small taste into the lifestyle and I want to take you on this journey with me!! I haven’t decided how often I will post but for now, I am thinking I will aim for weekly, but we will see. 

Daily I will be posting to Instagram so the adventures with a key learning and on LinkedIn I will be sharing my top tips for living the laptop lifestyle and what I have learnt along the journey, so please connect with me!! 

When I return, I will be offering my coaching program to help freelance and aspiring writers find their feet in this writing world, so if that is something that would interest you, please message me! 

My future plans are to also combine my travellers antics page with my business Content Queen Mariah so all my blogs will be combined with my offerings, so stay tuned for that also! 



I am SO excited for you to join me on my journey as I travel to Croatia first, starting in Split and finishing in Dubrovnik. Along the sail, we will be stopping at Omis, Makarska, Stari Grad, Hvar, Korcula and Mljet Sipan. 

From there we head on a Contiki starting in Vienna heading to Krakow, Budapest, Ljubljana, Venice, Rome, Florence, Swiss Alps and Paris. Then we are on our own to travel Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, Ibiza and finish at Oktoberfest (yes wish us luck). 


The babes joining me!

SO who is joining me?? Three absolute babes from my hometown Shelby, Hayley (yes you would have heard of her from America and other adventures) and Danielle. 

Well here we go, I will speak to you VERY soon!! 

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