How do you solve a problem like Mariah Episode 26 – Own your side hustle with Ruby Lee

 How to Solve a Problem like Mariah – Podcast

“So how do you solve a problem like Mariah? As my brother said ‘spoiler alert, you can’t’, so there you go! I’m just an Australian girl with the world at her feet, learning about life and myself every single day. Join me as I tell you stories, share my outlook on life and just talk utter garbage! It will be fun, I promise.”

Episode 26 – Own your side hustle with Ruby Lee

On today’s episode, I talk with my special guest and absolute business inspiration Ruby Lee about becoming a side hustler and entrepreneur!  



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What has the market and hot jam donuts got to do with writing content or becoming a writer? 🤷🏼‍♀️ • Simple! When I was hustling and bustling at the @camberwell_sunday_market today I was thinking about all the stall owners and how we all manage to make sales. 👋🏻 • We all were selling similar items and second hand goodies, but what made people gravitate to certain stalls? 🤩 • With so many competitors out there in the business scene or the writing scene, what makes you different from the others? 👌🏼 • I’m going to tell you something… most people won’t buy from you. You aren’t going to speak to everyone. 🧐 • So instead of trying to write for everyone or sell to everyone, just do it for those who are motivated or inspired by you. 💕 • At the market, different items seen from a distance targeted different people. You need to do the same thing, find what sparks energy in your audience to come to you, even if they see you from a distance. 👑 • You will find your writing and your online presence becomes more natural and more aligned to you! 💃🏻 • Do you find you are worried about your competitors? 🥰 • • • • • #market #donuts #jamdonuts #sundaymarket #camberwellmarket #business #selling #writing #writer #onlinepresence #writingcommunity #freelancewriter #contentwriting #tips #hacks #businesswoman #business #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife

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Show highlights: 

Highlight for the fortnight: chatting with Ruby and of course getting ready for EUROOO!! FYI – if you want to follow the adventures, only follow my business page now!

Make your year better: Batch your time in 25 minute lots! You will get SO much done!  


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Own your Hustle:

Find Ruby Lee online! She is amazing and my true inspiration!


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🔜There’s a 3-part training series coming your way and it’s about to change the way you look at personal branding If you’re ready to build a buisness (and I mean for real this time) 🙌 it begins with knowing who you are as an entrepreneur and business owner Enough 🤦🏻‍♀️ of this stop start energy that you’ve been telling yourself it’s ok to have… it’s not. You’ve knocked down doors, you’ve given this whole social media thing a go and it seems like there ain’t anyone watching or caring or looking on. But there is. You may have been knocking down the wrong door all this time. Sure social media is the long game but what if there are other channels that offer you more visibility from DAY ONE. Come and join me for a 3-part training on how to reboot your personal brand on LinkedIn. A full rewiring and up-level of your social media game begins here! Day 1: From Side Hustle to SOLD OUT. How To Burst Onto The Scene Like It’s The Year 2000. We can tell ourselves that the world is going to end when you personal brand onLinkedIn (especially if you’re working full time at the moment) … let’s burst onto the scene my love. I’ll be your wing woman at this soiree so let’s get that glitter ready – this is a PARTY to be had! Day 2: Damn This Algorithm Is A No Brainer – how to werk it, werk it real good. We’re doing this. Let’s rigg the algorithm. HA! I wish… but honestly there ain’t much rigging to be done. It’s easier than you realise if you just tune into what LinkedIn wants to see from you as a content creator. I’m going to take you through how to post, what to post and when to post. Day 3: Who Said You Can’t Be You? Listen up sisters, if you’re not sure how to just be you in this virtual concrete jungle, we’re going to turn up the Carrie Bradshaw and be absaf*ckinglutely fabulous. This training is here to help you shine so bright they can’t look away. I’m excited for these 3 days together. It’s going to be that time you look back on and realise everything changed. >> Sign up to the Own Your Hustle FB group in my bio. It’s FREE. It’s packed full of ah-ha moments. It’s the thing you’ve been waiting for.

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Quote –

“You can absolutely own your hustle!”

Do you have a side hustle?

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