Mindfulness – 10 ways to be a mindful while travelling

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When we travel, whether it is on a road trip down the coast or a 16-hour flight halfway across the world, sometimes we forget to be mindful.


There is something beautiful in everything!

The term “mindful” can mean whatever you think it means. For me, it means taking in the experiences, immersing myself in the destination but also developing personally along the way.

New Zealand - Mt Aspiring National Park

Take everything in!

So how can we be more mindful when we travel? I have put together 10 things I like to do when I travel to ensure I get the MOST out of my trip!

  1. Remember you aren’t the only one wanting to get a photo or look at a certain attraction – this is a big one! We all love taking photos and get the perfect shot for our Instagram, trust me I know. But next time you go to take that perfect shot, just remember others are waiting to get photos too! So try and be quick and also offer to take a photo for them so they can be in the memory!
  2. Remember people live in this location – just because it’s a holiday for you, doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. Be mindful that the destination you are currently exploring is a place people live! When taking snaps and looking around just remember to be respectful to the locals!
  3. PAY ATTENTION – we find ourselves getting distracted from time to time and that’s fine. However, when you’re travelling around without a care in the world, make sure you are paying attention to everything around you! Instead of scrolling your phone, look up and enjoy all the sights! You will see more than you think.
  4. Be Present – just like paying attention, make sure you are present in every moment! Take is all in, you never know when you will be back again. Don’t worry about your future plans, just be in the present moment! You will enjoy your trip more too!
  5. Ask questions – whether you’re on a tour or walking the streets, always ask questions! This is where you will discover local gems that aren’t in the travel blogs. If you’re on a day tour, ask the guide about the tour, the history and the culture in the town – especially the best places to eat.
  6. Be grateful – think about it, if you’re travelling that means you have so many opportunities, you can afford to travel, you can afford to experience a different country, so always be grateful in every moment! If you get a delay, that means you are going somewhere new, be grateful for what you have not what you don’t have!
  7. Engage with the locals – just like I mentioned in point 1, you aren’t the one who lives in the destination you’re exploring so make sure you be considerate of the locals, but also engage when them! Talk with locals and get to know them as well as the culture! You’ll learn more than any travel book or blog can tell you!
  8. Walk as much as you can and take public transport – immerse yourself in the destination! Walk as much as you can (it also will help walk the food and drinks off). Walking will allow you to see a lot more! If you can’t walk, take public transport.
  9. Stop thinking about day 2, 3, 4 – don’t worry about what’s on the itinerary for day 2, 3 and 4! You will work that out on the day! Live in the now.
  10. Reflect post trip – at the airport or on the drive home, reflect your trip! Remember all the good times and the key learnings! It will make you so grateful.

Remember people live in the destination you are exploring!

Being a mindful traveller will make you feel a lot better about your trip. Before you go, research the culture, the do’s and don’ts and make sure you understand the etiquette of the destination!


Sit back and “smell the roses” or flowers, whatever!

What are your travelling golden rules?


Pictures are fun, just make sure everyone else gets to take theirs!




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