Travelling – what do you want to know?

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Okay, so I need your help! Yep, you!

You know we all learn life hacks along our journey, whether it is travelling or not. But most can be used for travel, like legit nearly all of them.

New York

Tip 1 – NYC is a must!

So, what I want to do is create an E-book, an e-book on all those topics related to travel that will help make travelling an easy and enjoyable experience from how to choose where to go to what to pack!

But, I can’t do this without you!! Below are the topics I’m thinking I will discuss, but this is a user-generated book, I want to know what you want to know, what you think people should know and what questions you need answering!


Tip 2 – travel with your besties while you can!

So my thoughts? Okay, well I’m thinking of these type of topics:

– Picking a destination

– The destination and what to research for

– Who to travel with

– Using a Travel Agent or booking on your own

– Booking for sales

– Saving for travel


Tip 3 – photos give great inspiration!

– Medical and health issues to consider

– Packing

– The countdown and who to prepare

– Travel apps to download

Vietnam - Visa

– People to follow on social media for inspiration

– Travel podcasts to listen to

– Airport and flying tips

– Organising an itinerary

San Fransisco

Tip 4 – it is all about the right angle!

– Whilst travelling tips

– Taking photos and videos

– Exercise

– Being mindful

– Travel stories and fails

So what do you think? What else do you want to hear about, comment below. Or do you have some amazing tips or stories you have to share, let me know!

Laptop -research

Tip 5 – research is key!

Even email me ( so you can help create something all travellers can carry with them!




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