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So I love Podcasts like I am actually obsessed with them. With all the travelling we do, podcasts are a great past time on that road trip or 30,000 feet in the air.

We all need a good Podcast to listen to, so I want to share some of my absolute favourites! Search these all on your favourite podcast app!



A podcast by myBody+Soul, it is a great one for those who like to eat well and exercise, but also likes to live life and not obsess over that dinner out or the drinks with friends.

Doctor Andrew Rochford, Maz Compton and a myBody+Soul editor talk about all things health and fitness, including myths and tips! It is an easy listen. Great podcast.


Ladies, we need to talk

A great sex-positive, women empowering podcast! Love this one. Host Yumi chats with experts and just everyday women on great topics related to women, sex, health and empowerment! I have learnt so much from this one!

Favourite episode: the recent episode called “Mean girls: our secret sexism”, I listened to talks about sexism and how women are portrayed in relation to men. It was so fascinating and sad to hear that most women are very guilty of being judgemental towards other women over men. A powerful episode and I think we all need to listen to this one!


The Pineapple Project

Need help with your finances? This is a great one. Almost like the Barefoot Investor but in audio form. Host Claire Hooper is hilarious and has some great tips and tricks! She tackles those awkward money conversations and helps us realise that we should talk openly about our money.

Favourite episode: I really enjoyed listening to the side hustle and pay rise episode “Side hustle and pay rises: how to earn more”. It gave some great tips on how to ask for a pay rise and what to do to get the most out of those hard conversations!

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Love your working life? Adam Grant talks about all things work related. Has some great tips and talks to some really interesting people with interesting concepts and ideas on how to be most productive at work.

Favourite episode: ‘The Problem with All-Stars” is my favourite. Adam Grant talks about how even if a team looks good on paper doesn’t always mean success. He uses the college basketball team The Bulter Bulldogs as a great example of how getting the most out of people will bring more success than just staking a team of extremely talented people. He also discusses how role players are very underrated. Great and really interesting episode.



No Chill

Mentioned in my podcast, No Chill is a new Australian podcast to the podcasting world! Two Australian women talk about their ‘no chill’ and they struggle with mental health. In episode one they brought on some really successful women to talk about some of the struggles they have, but also how they got through them! Australian model Steph Claire Smith was one guest and I fell in love!

In each episode, they will be discussing various topics which give most women ‘no chill’.


Happier Achieve Your Goals

Hal Elrod hosts this podcast – the writer and creator of the Miracle Morning, spoken about in my blog Motivation: Start your own Miracle Morning – livin’ my best life. This is such an amazing podcast, I have learnt so much from this that has improved my outlook on life and how I think about life in general.

He gets successful people on the show to talk about different topics, which I will guarantee will inspire and motivate you. He has alerted me to so many influential people! Possibly my favourite motivational podcast.

Favourite episode: Hal does an episode on why we need to stop judging people and how we should really think about ‘what would you do if you were in the same situation’, probably the exact same thing. Judging people only impacts your life in a negative way. Very empowering episode and such an eye-opener! This one is called “Why we should stop judging people (and what you can do instead)”.

Crappy to Happy

A really good Australian podcast hosted by clinical Psychologist Cass Dunn and Personal Trainer Tiff Hall. They discuss a range of topics in their two seasons, which will give you great tips and tricks on how to be happier!

Listening to this podcast also alerted and inspired me to try Tiff Hall’s fitness program Tiff XO, which is cheap and great! If you are feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut and don’t know what to do or where to start, try this podcast!



So this was one of the first motivational podcasts I ever listened to and it has actually changed my life. In 2016 I was feeling pretty crappy – winter blues. I didn’t really have a good routine at the gym or in life. I was coming home and actually just laying on my bed for hours.

So, one day I got onto the podcast app and typed in ‘happy’ and ‘motivation’ and this podcast came up. Hosted by Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft, I was hooked after the first episode. The podcast talks about tips and tricks on how to be happier and how to make changes to improve your life.

After listening to this, I found my motivation. I started meditation, yoga and had a gym routine. I started seriously tackling my jobs and I found my drive. I owe this all to the podcast Happier!

Also, it taught me a lot about my personality, more on that in another blog soon.




Serial is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, narrating a nonfiction story over multiple episodes. Season one is hands down my favourite, check it out!

Serial is the definition of journalism and really harnesses what good journalism is about! As an aspiring writer, researcher and journalist, Serial really is an amazing podcast for me!


Flight of Fancy

Love travelling? Of course you do! Flight of Fancy is a great travel blog with tips and tricks on all things travelling. Each episode is a different topic and it definitely has taught me a lot about destinations I never thought I would visit.

The host and his guests go through different topics and discuss their experiences, it is great and an awesome motivator to save money to travel more!

Favourite episode: because my passion is travel, writing about it and exploring the world. My favourite episode was on making travel your dream job, how to do it and how it is not impossible! Gave me some great tips and tricks and pushed me further towards my dream job!


Sincerely, X

Sincerely, X is a podcast made by TED, so you know it’s going to be good and you know you will learn a thing or two.

This podcast talks to people in this world who might have a story too sensitive, too painful or too damaging to share. So they go anonymous to tell it. From ex-con’s to those who have been through some traumatic experiences, this podcast speaks to people whose ideas need to be heard. Really fascinating and entertaining podcast.



Alone: A Love Story

A great ‘storytelling’ type podcast, a memoir of Michelle Parise’s heartbreak as she discovers her husband has been cheating on her. She takes you through her break up and all the stages we go through in this heartbreak process. She talks about her new sex life, her new ‘loves’ and everything in between. It is a great listen and all very relatable.

Hamish and Andy

Any Australian knows Hamish and Andy from the 4-6pm drive home radio show or their many appearances on television. Their new podcast is especially their radio show, just a once a week episode. So funny and a good light listen on a Monday morning when your brain still hurts from the weekend.



The American’s really know how to produce great content for podcasts! Heavyweight is a podcast where the host, Jonathan Goldstein, aims to bring people together who have had disagreements or conflict in the past. In the first episode, he tries to reunite his uncle and dad after years of falling in and out of a good relationship. It is a great feel good podcast, but also very interesting to see how Jonathan gets both sides of the story and communicates with both parties.

Favourite episode: episode 7, Julia, is about a woman who was treated badly by her friends at school and was never sure why they turned on her. Jonathan tries to track down these women to find out why.


Mum says my memoir is a life

Up there with one of my favs, I think! Australian writer, Rosie Waterland reads the book she wrote about her childhood alongside her mother to get her side of the story. After having quite a rough and traumatic childhood Rosie wrote a memoir on it.

Once her mother became sober after being an alcoholic for most of Rosie’s life, she claims some of the stories were not 100% accurate. This is a great podcast to follow as you get to listen to an audiobook whilst at the same time listening to a mother and daughter talk through their pain and mental health.


The Amber Rose Show

A great sex-positive podcast where celebrity Amber Rose and her co-host, Dr Chris Donaghue talk all things relationships, mental health and sex! They will tell it how it is but also empower you to be comfortable with who you are! Definitely a great listen and really funny at the same time! Very similar to another podcast I really like called Guys we F@#ked, also a great sex-positive podcast, especially for women.

These are just some of the millions of amazing podcast on iTunes. Use your commute to work, your long flights or your road trip to open up your mind and learn something new.

And of course my podcast, How do you solve a problem like Mariah! My podcast is a mixture of motivational and entertaining and for the month of October, I am going to be a ‘Yes Women’ and see what opportunities open up to me! Wish me luck.

Have some podcasts you love to listen to? Comment your favourites!



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