Researching and planning for your next trip – best tips

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So you’ve now booked your holiday, it is fast approaching. What’s one way to get those excitement levels up? Well, not that you need any more, but that is with some research!

Research is actually one of my favourite things to do, yeah I know it is super nerdy, but you can learn so much useful information before you even start packing!

It is always good to wing it when you’re travelling, but you also don’t want to get home and realise you missed something because you didn’t even do a simple google search.


I have a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia coming up, with my parents, although it will be a great time, also wish me luck – love you guys. So anyway the travel agent handled most of it for me, so it only struck me a few weeks ago that I haven’t even looked at the places we are going to! Of course, I knew the basic places I wanted to go to but that was all.

So I set off to do some research on the amazing places I was set to travel to! Where do you start when you want to do some travel research?


Usually, I will start at TripAdvisor. It gives a good overview of restaurants and things to do in the local area. Also, you can make an account, download the maps and favourite the places you are staying or places you want to visit. When you are away you can then use the map even without WiFi!

After a brief overview from TripAdvisor, let’s look at the bloggers and the travel companies! A simple google search will find you some great bloggers, but for my last trip research I used:

The Lonely Plant  – of course, the travel experts

TripZilla  – great blogs and guides

Adventure in You – another blog type research outlet

Culture Trip  – easy to find your location and great guides

Traveller – showcasing great content by great writers with heaps of useful information

Rome2Rio – great for searching transportation between countries with great guides providing really different articles

There is a lot of great content out there, you just need to search for it. Go to WordPress or do a google search on there you’re going with “things to do in…” “Places to eat in….” you will find some great suggestions.


Also, check my blog out, I might be able to help you ;).

Now you have your details all put together, you have booked flights, accommodation and all that jazz and you want to package it all together? Well, I love making itineraries just so I know what is going on, I know what I’ve booked and I know what days I can just go with the flow and create my own adventure! Also, it is good for your loved ones to have if they want to know where you’re at.


Don’t know where to start on this one? Please email me here and I can send you a template, or if you want me to help you create your whole itinerary for you, with added research of course, please hire me here!

You don’t have to go over the top with planning, you can just wing it and see where the road takes you, but at least if you know the amazing things you can see and do in your destinations, you will never miss out!



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5 thoughts on “Researching and planning for your next trip – best tips

  1. I’m a member of a few travel groups on Facebook, so I always start by searching those groups for past questions and answers.

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