Motivational: Meditation

So in my Podcast, I recommended we should all meditate – you can see that here! Now I just want to talk about some different types of meditation you can do which might make it a little “less boring”.

As I mentioned in my podcast Episode 1 – Let’s first be mindful,  the app Smiling Mind is a great way to start meditating. In the app, they go through different types of meditation and overall mindfulness.


You don’t have to overthink meditation. You don’t have to be hard on yourself, thinking you “can’t do it”. Meditation is all about practice. So I have picked a few you should try if you want to start somewhere because to be honest I still don’t know if I’m necessarily “good” at meditation – if you can even be good at it?

People probably just assume meditation is weird and unnecessary, but really it is just taking time to sit down, be by yourself and enjoy the present moment – who wouldn’t love five minutes to themselves to just breathe?


So anyway, apparently there are loads of different types of meditation, which I have recently discovered, and you can decide if you want to practice any of them yourself.

Grateful Meditation: 

Really this is just listing – in your head – what you are grateful for! Practising gratitude will boost your mental health big time, so just try sitting down and reel off what you’re grateful for. You will find time flys! This is super easy and you will find yourself finding the good in bad situations in the future.


Surroundings Meditation:

Yeah look I’m sure there is a name for these, but I am just making my own, it is easier to remember that way! So this type of meditation is just focusing on your surroundings and being in the present moment. So what do you hear, feel, smell? Paying attention to your senses, focusing on your breathing and being in the moment. Everytime you get distracted, tell yourself to come back into the moment and count your breathing again. This is great for when you find yourself worrying too far into the future or thinking about what you need to do next because you will find you remind yourself to be in the present moment in your everyday surroundings. You will also find you notice more, which will help empower you!

After later research, this is called Mindful Meditation, but I like mine better…


Body Scan Meditation: 

Really this is just checking in with your body, feeling where it hurts and asking yourself why. It is probably best to do this lying down so you can focus on all areas. It also gives you a moment to just focus on what your body might be trying to tell you!

‘Let go of the stress’ Meditation: 

Sometimes I just sit, think about all the things that are stressing me out and try to watch them all float away into the sky. Focus on your breathing at this moment and just remember, “it will pass”.


Eating Meditation: 

Okay, this one sounds ridiculous, right? Wrong?? This is the best one I have discovered because guess what? It suppresses my appetite! So when I eat, I chew slower and take time to actually enjoy eating. After actually taking the time to eat and not just getting as much food into my mouth in one bite, I find I fill up and I stay fuller for longer! Don’t believe me? Try it! Also, when I go to eat something bad for me – unless hungover – I ask myself why I want to eat. Most of the time it is just for the sake of eating, not because I’m hungry. Once I actually work it out, most of the time I just leave the food and walk away – trust me you can do it too!


So there you go, something new for you to try. It won’t kill you, it will take you about 5-10 minutes a day and you might even find it calms you down and makes you feel happier in general. No, you don’t have to be spiritual to do this, you can even do it in your car before you leave for work in the morning or before you walk in the door.



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