Motivation: Start your own Miracle Morning – livin’ my best life

Look I get it, telling you to get up early is the last thing you want to hear right now. Hitting snooze like 1,000 times is easily the best part of the day, I know. If you’re not a morning person and the thought of getting up early is sickening.

But trust me, getting up earlier an hour before your usual wake up time can have seriously great effects on your overall productivity, success and happiness.


So it is the concept called the Miracle Morning, a book written by Hal Elwood. In his book, he discusses the idea that getting up an hour early to take control of your life can have incredible effects. I guess what he also taps into is this law of attraction as well, which I talk about in Motivation: The Secret – My law of attraction. Once you start proactively taking control of your life good things come!

So his formula for the morning is based on the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S, but really you can do whatever you want in your hour, you can even have a power hour of productivity so you can spend your day working on your goals, financials, relationships and all the rest.


What is S.A.V.E.R.S?

Silence – any form of mediation

Affirmations – improving our self-talk

Visual – vision boards, picturing your best life

Exercise – any form

Read – anything self-help/development

Scribe – a journal or writing anything down


Okay, so I’ll be honest I don’t really 100% follow this, but I think it is important to use this as a guide to focus on what you want to do. Also, I’m young, I go out on weekends, I’m probably hungover on a Sunday so I don’t have time to do this every day. But I try my best to do this during the week. We are human and we aren’t perfect so we will miss one or two.


So what does my miracle morning look like?

Well, for me even if I don’t get it all done in the morning I try to improve myself throughout the day. But what I try to do is (usually around 10 minutes or less on each):

  • Watch my vision video daily – like a vision board I made a 2018 vision video containing things I’ve achieved, what is important to me and what I want to achieve/my dreams
  • Read a set of affirmations to kick start positivity in my day – Hal has some good ones but it is worth tailoring them to you
  • Read for 10 minutes, anything whether it is self-motivating/what you enjoy – right now it is Think and Grow Rich and I’m loving it, but also The Secret and Harry Potter.
  • Learn Spanish – a small goal of mine using Duolingo
  • Review my goals of 2018 and see what I can do to edge closer to it – at the moment I’m working on some exciting stuff, stay tuned
  • Work on something on my ‘to-do’ list – can be anything from update my work out playlist to writing another blog, something that makes me feel productive
  • Yoga or HIIT
  • Meditate – for any time left
  • Before bed – write dot points about my day – always done at the end of each day and read my affirmations


Every time I do my miracle morning I go to work or start my day feeling productive, energised and positive.

Read the book before you try your own miracle morning, the book will set you up to be energised to get up early every morning to tackle the day. Hal explains that as a person we only need as must sleep as we tell ourselves we need.


If you go to bed worrying about being tired in the morning, you will be tired. If you go to bed excited for the next day and excited to start your miracle morning, you will wake up feeling fresh. Hal also gives great tips like making sure you get out of your pj’s, wash your fash, clean your teeth and have some water before starting to ensure you are fully awake.

The weeks I do my miracle morning I notice the positive energy I bring to my days which causes the law of attraction to bring good things into my life.


Now every day I wake up and say to myself “this will be the best day of my life” and everytime something bad happens in my day, I don’t let it get to me. I just say to myself, “well this happened to me on the best day of my life so that’s okay”. Try it!

If you want to commit to a level 10 life, get the best out of yourself and push yourself to achieve your goals, start with the miracle morning. Then listen to “Best Life” by Cardi B and Chance the Rapper because I told you “I’m livin’ my best life”.


What would you do in your miracle morning?



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