Touring Melbourne: Winter comfort food places

Let’s be honest, winter isn’t much chop! Yeah it is AFL season and that’s all great, but it still doesn’t cure the winter blues! We all slowly exercise a little less and our stomachs definitely ask for more food, so stuff it let’s give the people what they want. Let’s look at some great winter comfort food places in Melbourne.


Ms Frankie – Richmond

Do you love pasta? Who am I kidding, of course, you do. Especially in winter! Ms Frankie is fairly new to the Richmond and wow it is amazing! The pasta is made fresh and so are the cannolis. Really everything is fresh and the cocktail menu is even better! What did I have? Well… the gnocchi porcini (I love truffle), the fries with truffle oil and parmesan and the four sampler cannolis, which were a special for the night. Also, the drinks?! Try the mandarine cocktail, it is amazing! A perfect winter meal.




Phat Chicks Fried Chicken – Footscray 

Love fried chicken? Well here is a good one for you! They have so many chicken options to choose from! The Nasi Goreng chicken is delicious, plus it’s cheap! Nothing like lifting winter blues with fried chicken.


Black Waffle – Northcote 

As if waffles aren’t the best on a cold winters day or night! Black Waffle is perfect for winter blues dessert, and they are open late. Try the berry one, it is so good – sorry I smashed it before I got a photo. They also do ice cream for the summer months.


Credit 📸 Moeko

Food Truck Park – Preston

I know doesn’t seem like a great place for winter, but with the big food hall and gas heaters, it is actually pretty cosy! This winter I went to the cheese festival, but they have a new theme every week! Plus they do Pimms jugs!


Stix – Coburg

Everything is better on a stick including cheesecake on a stick! This is actually life changing, get the golden gaytime flavour, wow! Although I have seen they now have a Kinder one right now. They also do waffles and corn on a stick, yum! You can go to their roadside stall or order it on UberEats – for those who don’t want to go out. Either way, a great dessert!



Poke the Bear – Northcote 

Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears inspired cafe, super cute, cozy and the food is even better! Order a coffee and get a quote with it, now that is a place I can get around! The Papa Bear.. potato and cheese hash with poached eggs, apple cider hollandaise, rocket and pickled fennel salad with halloumi was our choice and it was yummm! We also shared one of the specials, which was amazing – pictured.



Field Black – Northcote 

My housemate’s absolute favourite cafe and it will not disappoint! The service is amazing, the decor is fresh, bright and just really happy (perfect in Winter) and the sticky date hotcakes is yum! Abbey will also recommend the smashed avo, that is her go-to dish!


Hanoi Hannah: New Quarter – Richmond

If you have been to any of the other Hanoi Hannah’s you won’t be disappointed with the new location in Richmond! If I wasn’t so poor at the time I went I would have definitely got the ‘All in’, it is only $55, which is a bargain anyway! But what do I recommend? Definitely 100% the crispy pork belly, wow yum! Then the lemongrass beef salad and the china town fried rice, both amazing and surprisingly filling! Great service too, definitely check it out!



Movida – Flinders Lane 

If you love tapas you must try Movida! So cute and intimate in winter and the food is actually incredible and really showcases the amazing food Melbourne offers!


So what did we have? Amazing arancini balls – a special, to start with caballa ahumada, which is smoked mackerel with pine nut gazpacho sorbet, both incredible!


Then we shared the special for the night, a seafood risotto and steak with anchovy butter – I don’t usually like anchovies but wow! We also had the duck, but it doesn’t appear to be on the menu anymore. These dishes all had so much flavour and were just yum!


Of course, we had to have dessert, churros and a creme caramel – oh my god amazing!



Great service at Movida and one amazing restaurant!


Hopetoun Tea Rooms – Block Arcade 

Easily the most photographed cake window in Melbourne, surely? Anyway, the Houptoun Tearooms may be busy but gosh it is worth it, especially on a winters day!


Beat the crowd and book ahead for the High Tea – although it took me a while to get it. The food was so amazing and you get so much food! Best part? If you don’t eat it all they will doggy bag it for you, bless them!



Macelleria – Richmond 

Steak in winter is perfect! But, Macelleria isn’t you average steak place. It actually looks like a butcher, yes you pick the meat you want. Then add your sides and you’re set. For about $40 I got a steak, sweet potato fries and a vodka, not bad for a really great steak!


Light in the Attic – Camberwell 

Big call but I think I had the best bunch dish here…Yeah, I know you probably don’t believe me but do yourself a favour and go to Light in the Attic and order the Sweet Benny! It a sweet potato eggs benedict with eggs smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce on a sweet potato hash browns w/ pea puree and a parmesan crisp. It is actually amazing, next level! Also, the Berry Berry Granola is a great accompaniment if you are sharing.



Peacock Hotel – Northcote 

So new to the area, this was one of the first places I went to for dinner and it was $15 steak night! And this was a porterhouse steak and most steak nights your medium rare is chargrilled and not great but wow, this was amazing! I’ve been three times since and it is hands down my favourite $15 steak night place! I haven’t been any other time and usually, we sit in the pub area of the hotel, but the outside beer garden would be great for Sunday sippers and the front restaurant looks pretty good!





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