Motivation: The Secret – My law of attraction

So let’s do something a little different and try something new, like a Motivational Monday!

Although I love to travel and explore the world, I am very interested in how our brains work, why certain things happen and how we can overcome all of that and just be, well happy!

So a week ago I watch the documentary ‘The Secret’, watch it on Netflix, I highly recommend it. Long story short, The Secret taps into this theory of ‘The Law of Attraction’ and how we, in fact, attract certain things in our lives.


For example, have you ever wanted something so badly that you have told yourself you won’t get there and surprise surprise, you never do? This is because your negative thoughts have had a negative impact.

So let’s reverse it, instead, let’s think about what we want, think about all the joy that it will bring to our lives, believe we will achieve it and with a simple positive attitude you will get what you want. Who tells you that you can’t have something? Yes, look in the mirror, it is you.


Ever notice when things are going good, things go great because your mindset is positive? Eminem said it perfect “when it’s going good it’s going great… but when it’s bad it’s awful”. So as soon as you have doubts about why things are so great, your mindset changes and things fall apart? Yep, this is the law of attraction!

The minute you start to think negatively about something, it will begin to fall apart, unless you pick yourself back out of the negativity! Yes this is hard, it isn’t easy to be positive in a negative situation but only you can do this, you can have people by your side that help and support you, but only you can change your attitude and your mindset.


But also, you need to get the most out of this, so always focus on what you do have, be grateful! Even if you every morning you think of one thing you are grateful for, you will come a long way in forming that positive attitude.

Work hard for what you want, but don’t lose sight of who you are or what you want. If you can’t love yourself, if you can’t enjoy your own company, then you can’t expect people to love you back. Be grateful, be resilient and never give up on what makes you shine. Don’t worry about fixing others, fix yourself first and you will inspire others.


Also, never be afraid to fail. If you fail, go again and again until you get what you want. “Reach for the stars, so if you fall, you land on a cloud” – yes another rap reference, thanks Kanye.

Watch The Secret with an open mind or read it. Then enjoy the journey, we only have one life so let’s make it all worth it!

Like video form? Watch below, and start to change your life today. Only you can!



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