A Traveller’s Antics Bucket List

We all have a travel bucket list, some are pretty brief and some are long and descriptive.


Others have their bucket list written down or they have it mentally saved. However you remember yours, I know you have one.


So I want to share mine with you! Some accomplished, other not.

A Traveller’s Antics bucket list:

  1. Live in at least one other country – this is number one goal! New York is the dream, but I would love to experience anywhere. International readers, anyone want to take me on?img_6383
  2. Travel America – some are done, but nowhere near as much as I want to see. Places so far? NYC, Vegas, San Fran, San Diego, parts of California and LA. Read more on my blog homepage.
  3. Travel Europe – this is on the travel places list! 2019 here we come!img_1777
  4. Skydive – yasss done and wow this was the best experience of my life. Read here: Travelling Victoria: The Great Ocean Road + Skydivingswoopware 0108
  5. Swim with dolphins – tick and twice! At the age of 11 and 21, amazing creaturesimg_4807
  6. Travel Asia – such a big place so far have ticked off Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore with Vietnam and Cambodia to come in November! See my homepage to read about the adventures.img_1019
  7. Go on a cruise – definitely want to spend two weeks drinking cocktails and swimming, who doesn’t?img_6040
  8. Great Barrier Reef snorkelling – this is a must, what a beautiful land we live inimg_5699
  9. Travel Australia – better see my own country too. But seriously we live in one beautiful country and I need to see it allimg_7330
  10. Go to an AFL grand final – massive Aussie Rules fan, need to see a game on the big stage, even better if it was my team, Essendon!img_3056
  11. Go to an NBA game – been to two now, wow amazing! If you are a sports lover, it is a must! Read about it here: Travelling the United States of America: Los Angeles and here: Travelling The United States of America: Los Angelesimg_5196
  12. Fireworks on NYE in Sydney – paid $400 to see these, but it was worth it, read about it here: Travelling Australia – Sydney @ NYEimg_2569
  13. Watch a sunset – watched a few in Melbourne over the city and at the beach, my favourite? In Bali for sure! Read about Bali here: Travelling Asia: Baliimg_5028img_1067-2
  14. Go hot air ballooning – see these when driving to work, and I would loveeee to do it. I hear it can get boring but I love a good view!img_1243-1
  15. Travel solo – I think everyone has to do this once in their life, even if it is for a little part of the trip.img_7184
  16. Write, write, write about travel (making it a full time job is the dream) – if anyone wants to pay me to write about travel? I would love that!img_0274-1

I’m sure there are 1,000,000 things I have left off and I know this list will continue to grow, but this is where I’m at now.


Post your bucket list in the comments below, I would love to hear them!


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