Choosing the bigger life – my purpose and my manifesto

Around May of 2017, the weather started to get colder and the days felt shorter. Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark was a real drainer.


It was a month after my overseas trip to America and Mexico and I was struggling with the ‘what next’ stage and the post-holiday depression. So I decided to take action, downloading the Smiling Mind app, a great meditation app for time-poor people, and I began listening to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast ‘Happier‘.


During this time the podcast mentioned finding a purpose and writing a manifesto. I thought about my purpose and writing a blog, having a passion for writing and telling my story I realised my purpose was to tell stories to inform the world, whether that be informing people of anything educational, that didn’t matter.


What do you think your purpose is? It doesn’t have to be deep or life changing, but I think once you know it, you will be a lot happier and your goals will feel more within your reach.


Anyway, then I decided to write my own manifesto, things I will always remember when going through tough times, or when I just need to remember where I’m headed.


My Manifesto:

  • Don’t stop – I love being busy so this refers to always have goals and drive
  • Be 2016 Mariah – why this year? This was the year I kicked loads of goals and realised my life has a lot more meaning
  • Don’t give up on  your dreams – this doesn’t need much explaining
  • Travel the world – duh
  • Always do the fun thing – not sure what option to take? Take the fun one, you won’t regret it
  • Take that opportunity – you never know if you will ever get it again, even if you’re scared to take the plunge
  • Don’t feel bad for doing what’s right for you – at the end of the day you should look after yourself
  • You can’t control people’s action – as much as you want to control all parts of your life, you can’t so if people make you unhappy, change that
  • Work hard – seems obvious but we all slack off
  • Stress less about the future – easier said than done (even though we need plans)
  • Be in the present moment – we all forget to just enjoy now
  • Learn from bad experiences – everything is a learning experience, never regret just learn
  • Choose the bigger life – my favourite (apart from travel right?) when faced with two options, always choose the one that will give you a bigger and better life, even if it means more work


So there you have it, my manifesto. I try to think of these daily, and just like everything, once you do something enough it comes naturally.

swoopware 0100

Not really travel related, and not even recommending good places for you to try, I know but whether we are living the absolute dream travelling from place to place, we all have our bad days. We all have a moment where we struggle to remember what we want out of life so I think having a purpose plus a manifesto and writing them down is really important to help on those bad days.


So let me know if you have a manifesto, a purpose or even a mantra you live by and post them in the comments, I would love to hear from you!



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