Foodies guide to shared meals in Melbourne

Food, some say a staple to get by, some say their life – an obsession even. I’m definitely obsessed. Since moving to Melbourne the options are endless and the food is incredible. If you are one of those people who gets food envy whenever they go out for a meal, then share!

Here are some of the amazing restaurants I’ve been to that have menus designed for sharing.

Naked for Satan – Fitzroy 

Been here a few times, this time to actually eat a meal! Naked for Satan have their restaurant on the top floor ‘Naked in the Sky’, giving guests the most amazing view of the city. Make sure you get a spot by the window! So food? What did I get? Well my Mum and I shared the baked cambert, wow amazing and if you love truffle like me you must get this. We had the grilled octopus which was so tender and had amazing flavour and the pan fried scallops, beautifully cooked on golden beetroot, it was so delicious. Definitely could of tried so many more options, their menu is amazing.


Of course dessert was a must, and being a white chocolate fan we got the moose. It was the perfect amount without being too rich, yum.


Naked for Satan are famous for their homemade alcohol so make sure you try some of it! The flavoured vodka is amazing, salted caramel with apple juice and cinnamon was so good!


Naked for Satan also offer pintxos for those who just want to pick at food while they drink.


Plus the staff are super helpful with menu choices and are really friendly.

Pastuso – CBD

Off AC/DC lane, Pastuso is a Peruvian restaurant and in my opinion one of the best places I’ve eaten at in Melbourne.


The restaurant is beautiful, great decor and there are even seats near the kitchen where you can watch the chefs cook, a really awesome interaction.


We chose the ‘feed me’ option, which was $65 per person and wow it was amazing! The staff explained all the meals when they brought them out, which I love.


So for a snack we got chips, purple sweet potato and potato chips with a creamy dip. Then we got two serves of raw fish, tuna and salmon, usually I’m not huge on tuna but with all the dressing and flavours it was seriously amazing! Then we got spicy sausage and corn bread, another great dish and both so tasty. So much food already.


The main was roast chicken with amazing seasoning and a spring onion sauce, homemade turnip chips, marinated pork shoulder and a light salad with little ingredients but so much flavour. All these dishes together were incredible, we were so full but so satisfied with all the food and the flavours!


But then there was dessert. The panna cotta with white chocolate was amazing and the sponge with passion fruit sorbet, wow! Both so different and both equally amazing, we couldn’t even walk out!


Highly highly recommend having a meal here, so many different dishes and just amazing food.


Touche Hombre – CBD

If you like Mexican food you will love this place! Touche Hombre is a quirky Mexican restaurant with fun staff and amazing food!


The feed me option is only $40 and you get so much food! For that price we had a piece of amazing corn each, a bowl of corn chips, salsa and guacamole to share (they gave us like four bowls and a lot of guacamole, which was the best). Then we got a sweet potato and lamb taco each, yum the sweet potato one was my favourite.


Lastly to share was a massive board of chicken wings and lamb ribs, thy flavour was a sweet/salty coating and they were so so amazing, yum! There was so much food for $40 and it was all so good, definitely add this to you list if you love Mexican!


Oh and of course the cocktail list is great.


China Red – CBD

A BYO Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, which is so cheap and so good. You don’t have to share here but the times I have it works out so much easier to share – although they don’t split bills.


You order what you want on the iPad on the wall – which is deadly with BYO wine – and the service is quick and the food even better.


Recommendations are: pineapple spicy rice, crispy duck, octopus testicles and pretty much any dumpling on offer as they are made fresh, so you know they are good!  The green tea and mango ice cream are also amazing, as well as the pumpkin cookies!


If you want amazing Chinese that is cheap and quick, this is your place!


South of the Wall – Richmond

More Mexican and more amazing Mexican. South of the Wall is located just off Swan Street and provides a menu designed for sharing. They have friendly staff, a lot of cocktail and tequila options as well as an outdoor patio with a cool mural of a giant Donald Trump, you have to check it out.


I’ve been twice and I’ve nearly had the whole menu. The tacos are amazing and if you want to try something different get the tempura avocado taco, so good! Pawn is amazing and so is the steak.

Nachos are a must and the pork as an extra. If you like quesadillas the chicken and pawn are also amazing options! But I think if you want to try some of the small stuff definitely get the lamb ribs, wow! They were seriously good.


Yes I did tell you I’ve nearly had everything, great food and a atmosphere in the heart of Richmond.

Botherambo – Richmond

A restaurant I drive past everyday and after finally going, it did not disappoint. With a great outdoor/indoor vibe, Botherambo offer a feed me option or the choice to pick your own share plates. They even have a cocktail ‘drink me’ option! So amazing.


For $50 per person we had so much food, which was all so fresh and full of flavour. We started with rice crackers, were given a tofu curry and betel leaf. They were both so yum and had a great spice.

Then the pork belly, oh my gosh! A sweet sticky sauce, it was incredible and easily my favourite! The apple salad that came with it was light, fresh and full of flavour!


To finish off the amazing menu was a massaman curry with rice, roti and some greens. We actually couldn’t finish it all but my gosh it was delicious, we had regret leaving it the next day when we were hungry.

Food was good, service was good and I will definitely be going back.


Pablo Honey – St Kilda 

Service, wow! The waitress we had at Pablo Honey was incredible. Rolling in on a Saturday just before 7pm and it was 2 or 1 margaritas, what a win. The watermelon chilli was so good.


So when ordering we didn’t realise they haa a feed me option so we chose from the menu, but it was all so so good. To start the chorizo and cheese fundido, so yum could eat that stuff for days!


We got the coconut moqueca, which was spicy and quiet small but it was full of great flavour and a crunchy texture from the crab. The ancho duck was easily my favourite, I just love duck!


The cargrilled squid and chorizo was yum, a little spicy but really good! Then the lamb shoulder, so tender and amazing and so was the pork cheek.


The food was just so good we wanted more – and there was four of us! So we ordered from the larger menu and got the BBQ smoked chicken, wow! Perfect way to finish an amazing meal.


Pablo Honey has been on my list for a while and it really did not disappoint, amazing place with the best service!



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