Exploring Melbourne – NYE in the city

Bringing in 2017 was spent in Sydney so to see in 2018 I decided to spend New Years in Melbourne. The last time I had actually done this was when I was 15 and spending New Years with your parents at that age, although nice, isn’t as fun as running a muck with your best friends – sorry Mum and Dad.


So over the period of Boxing Day to New Years Day, I had many friends come and stay for many adventures around Melbourne. I took my advice from my blog post Being a tourist in your own city – Melbourne, and actually was a tourist – well for most of it.

Our first day was Boxing Day so a few of the girls took a road trip and we headed for Brighton Beach, with left overs from Christmas Day, to soak up the sun and eat more food. Brighton Beach is so beautiful and just the view of the city is so amazing.


After a day at the beach it was dinner and some drinks at the newest bar on Swan Street, Richmond Social, before heading to the Boxing Day basketball match, Melbourne United vs Brisbane Bullets. The food at the Richmond Social was good, the pumpkin pizza was delicious and their beer garden is awesome for summer. But it was the basketball that was a highlight, I loved it! The music was great and the atmosphere was really good, plus it was a close game which made it even better. I absolutely recommend going!


Then it was finishing off the night with Messina, which is a summer must.

Another beautiful day in Melbourne and it was off to explore the Prahran outdoor pool. In a great location just off Chapel Street, and it felt like being back home on school holidays at the local pool. It was nice to soak up some sun and have a swim to cool off. Prahran pool also has a DJ on Sunday’s, not sure if it is like a day club style or just a bit of music.


Swimming always makes me hungry so it was time to find some food, Chapel Street is perfect for that! Although a bit of a walk, LA Burgers was definitely worth it, had a In N Out burger vibe and the food was really good! If you are a burger lover I highly recommend.


Night two got a little out of hand and all started at the MCG outside members bar after the cricket had finished with some friends. It carried on to delicious food at Juicy Bao in Chinatown, BYO is always a win and continued in Fitzroy at The Provincial, a cool rooftop but doesn’t compare to Naked for Satan, which was the next stop.


One flavoured vodka, a peak of the view and next stop was The Carlton Club in The City, a really cool place but can someone confirm in the giraffe is real or not? Too many vodka red bulls and it was onto Richmond, the only place open on a Wednesday was The Swan Hotel. My first appearance and it was a lot of fun. The music was good and with a few bars it wasn’t a big wait for drinks. Yeah so that was a large night and a very late entry to my house.


Safe to say day three was a write off and at one stage my friend Ashlee and I were beginning to feel like the grandparents from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that is how long we were in bed for.

We did manage to go for a walk after we were alive again and headed to my favourite place, Anderson Park – you seriously need to check this place out!


Day four was all about a morning detox, so we headed to the Richmond Recreation Centre for gym, swim, spa and sauna. It was only $25 for the lot, which I thought was reasonable – casual swims are also only $6.70 – and the facilities are great! Definitely a great place if you want to swim some laps.


Next mission was to head into the city and do some shopping, Melbourne Central and The Emporium are great, they have everything. But there are so many laneways and streets of Melbourne hosting so many shops and boutiques to look in, just walk around and lose yourself – yes in the moment.

Before heading back to the suburbs I couldn’t go past Uncle Tetsu, the new craze to hit Melbourne serving Japanese cheesecakes. Although it was a bit extreme to buy a whole cheesecake at that moment – plus I’m waiting for the matcha one to come out – we both got the little honey cakes, they were nice but nothing special.


We stumbled across hosier lane for some touristy candid photos, that street art is seriously amazing though! Especially the for the new Culture Kings store that opened in the lane way.  In true Melbourne style we were caught in a massive burst of rain and travelled back to Hawthorn drenched.


Then it was time to prepare, two of the other girls were heading down and were keen for a big night, Ashlee and I weren’t sure if we were ready but we had no other choice. Once Hayley and Britt arrived it was off to South of the Wall for Mexican, see my post Foodies guide to shared meals in Melbourne for a better review on this place, but I love it! Great food, great drinks and great service.


Next stop, Holey Moley, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, combining drinks and mini golf was a great idea, some of my favourite things! Great place for some weekend or mid week fun and we definitely proved we kind of suck at mini golf.


We headed to Storyville for a cocktail, got free tequila for waiting 1000 years for our cocktails, and headed to Richmond to start what ended up being a very late night. Richmond Club was a must and when that closed it was on to the Swan Hotel, which if it was open on a Wednesday night was sure to be kicking on.


Once it started to finishing up of course it wasn’t time to go home, unfortunately. So we ended up at crown and from there it was too late to even count the time. But you know it is late when the food court only has the pizza place open and even they close when you’re still eating.

But it was definitely a highlight singing Ed Sheeran and Beyonce ‘Perfect’ in the Uber on the way home, especially when we arrived to our Uber Eats at the front gate.


So as you can imagine, day five was slow. But it was time for more adventures, we were here for a good time not a long time – although I lived there so I am always there.

Anyway off to St Kilda and Republica for a Sunday session on a Saturday. It was a perfect day, Republica is right on the water and they even had a band, who were brilliant. This is a great day drinking spot and the pizza is good!


We stayed until it was time for dinner and headed to Pablo Honey for tapas, more on that in Foodies guide to shared meals in Melbourne. Great spot, the duck was my favourite. If you go before 7pm they have 2 for 1 margaritas, the watermelon chilli was amazing. The service is incredible and the food even better, a must try place for dinner in St Kilda.


Next bar and possibly dessert? We headed to Uncle for a drink on the roof and in the end ordered desserts and Britt, a second dinner? The desserts were so yum, the mango with dessert spring rolls are delicious and the cider they serve from Gippsland is really good.

For some reason we were still hungry after all that so it was up to Chapel Street for dumplings before heading home to bed. We pretty much had a progressive dinner, three meals at three different restaurants was too much, but so yum.


Day six, New Years Eve! Britt left us to head home, but not before brunch at Cafe Brass in Richmond. Although the food and coffee was good, the service was a little slow and a bit ordinary, I do think maybe it was the lack of staff so we will forgive them. Hayley and I did brunch the only way we know how, by sharing! So it was a Mexican breakfast (huevos rancheros) and the Belgium waffles and oh my they were both so good.


So it was a day of relaxing and a drinks before our New Years Eve at Promiseland. Six of us booked a booth in the city and it was a really great night. For just over $1300 it included entry, a bottle of spirits (which they let us have red bull with the vodka), a bottle of champagne and food. There was loads of  food and the music was actually amazing, every song was good! They had Latin dancers and in the end we didn’t spend any money, oh apart from the four for $7 pork bun bargain I haggled down at the crown food court.


Promiseland had an amazing view of the fireworks, a huge dancefloor, great entertainment and service and it was a really great NYE place! Loved it, definitely recommend it. Ohh and if you did want to just get entry it was around $60 for the NYE event.


Last day and it was spent recovering at Port Melbourne beach, a beautiful beach with ice cream near by with nice views of the bay, it is definitely a great spot.

Wow it was a crazy week, we did so much and had so much fun partying and exploring Melbourne, what a perfect way to end 2017, bring on more adventures and fun in 2018!



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