More like Trinking (drink travelling): Adelaide

The best thing about playing sport, the end of year trip by far! Although I didn’t play in 2017 I was lucky enough to still go on my hometown netball club’s trip away to Adelaide! Now what happens on trip definitely stays on trip so I don’t have any stories to tell you, but if you are heading to Adelaide for any type of holiday, girls or boys trip, hens or whatever – I have a few places you can check out in Radelaide (not a typo).

The A Club – Waymouth Street

The first bar we found in Adelaide and over the course of the weekend it became home. The bar staff were so friendly, the food was good, the drinks were even better and the service was just incredible. Al and Kate were amazing, everyone was super accommodating and they even named a cocktail after us!


The cocktail

On Sunday’s they have karaoke, so we gave it a go. We were bad, we were drunk but it was the best.

The A Club opens at 8am, has pokies as well, just in case you like the odd gamble. They have a beer garden out the back, which on the hot days was amazing. The team even brought out the iPod speaker for us to play our own music, they have lollipops at the bar, which we all loved and seriously this was our favourite place for the whole weekend.


A Club Beer Garden

If you are in Adelaide and want great service, something to eat while you day or night drink, head to the A Club!

p.s get the banana coffee pie shot, you won’t regret it, or will.

The Duck & Dog – Hindley Street

So this place is a nightclub but for some reason were opened on a Saturday afternoon, but maybe it was after 7pm, I’m not sure.

We were the only group there for a while so we had control of the music. The bar staff were really friendly and had a spinning wheels for drink specials, of course it landed on $2 tequila shots, RIP Mariah.


At The Duck & Dog

The Duck & Dog was a lot of fun, cheap drinks, good music and I’m sure as a nightclub it is just as good. They were super helpful to me when I realised the next day I had left my leather jacket there. They didn’t open until Monday so I was in a mad rush to get it before we went home, it was super sticky but a sticky leather jacket is better than no leather jacket.

The HandleBar Adelaide 

Probably one of my favourite things of the trip! HandleBar (see below to know what I mean) was so much fun! We toured around Adelaide and stopped at a few pubs along the way.


Your ticket includes one drink, but you can pay for more – you must do this before you start. The guides play music and steer you to the bars around Adelaide.


It is hard work, but it was really worth it! The staff is super friendly, the atmosphere of people of the street is really fun and it was a good way to see Adelaide whilst getting drunk!


Highly recommend this even if you aren’t on a trip away!


Woolshed – Hindley Street

Woolshed is one of the bigger nightclubs in Adelaide and after spending Friday night there and Saturday night we were still discovering different dance floors and sections of the club.


Yeah…no photos from The Woolshed

They have a different section playing different music so if you get sick of one DJ you can move on and with loads of bars you won’t go thirsty.

The Woolshed even had a bucking bull for more entertainment. Good club, busy but not too packed that you can never get a drink.


Black Bull Hotel – Hindley Street

Another big nightclub in Adelaide, but also a good spot to drink during the day.

The Black Bull has a great outdoor area with a massive big screen and bar, so it is perfect for Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday sessions.


The bar staff are super friendly and always gave us some banter and they do $3 shots, always a win. The Black Bull have a wood fire pizza oven for beer garden meals and also they have a restaurant and the food is pretty good!


As a nightclub they have a few different dance floors, upstairs does feel like it might collapse one day but it is good for now! They also had a photo booth.

Zhivago – Currie Street 

Open on a Saturday and Sunday night, Zhivago was an awesome RnB club on the Sunday night.


They have cheap drinks if you can prove you work in hospitality and a huge dancefloor and bar so the drinks are served quickly and there is room to breathe.

The Sunday night was pretty busy so it is definitely worth checking out.

Pretty much this post is pub/club crawl orientated, we went to loads of other pubs during the day, but most mash into one. Adelaide is a small city, but it was perfect for a drinking weekend away!



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