Brunch places in Melbourne

In Melbourne one of our favourite meals of the day is brunch, especially on a Sunday. There are too many places to go and so many options to choose from… but hands down smashed avo is a great choice in Melbourne if you are ever in doubt.

Light Years – Hawthorn 

Located right in between Camberwell and Hawthorn, Light Years is a modern, bright cafe with a great menu, different options and a great display cabinet of cakes and all kinds of good stuff.


Before going I browsed the menu – as I always do because I can get stuck for hours on what I want – I noticed the Matcha Waffles straight away. Usually I don’t get sweet, maybe because I’m hungover and usually need bacon or something. But Matcha is my weakness, I love it. If it is on the menu I will definitely try it, even cakes that have Matcha in it – please give them to me.


As I did have a big day/night the Saturday before I did also order the duck croquette as a side – another weakness for me is duck.

But oh my, the waffles were incredible, sweet and rich but amazing! With dark chocolate, berries, lemon cheesecake cream and so many other great additions, the dish was so yum! The duck croquette was also amazing, the five spice dipping sauce was really good. Overall, my experience was great at Light Years! We got a table straight away, the service was prompt and the food even better!


Common Galaxia – Seddon

Reading the Sunday Herald Sun’s Melbourne pop out magazine I saw Common Galaxia named. Working in the west I checked it out on my lunch break. A really open, bright and inviting cafe – going with the theme of a lot in Melbourne – the place was pretty busy!

They do appear to have loads of specials and might change their menu regularly but I got Zucchini fritters with beetroot puree, poached eggs and all that great breakfast stuff.  It was really good, full of flavour and really fresh!


On the menu was some really nice sounding sweet pancakes and waffles. The staff were friendly and they even sell loads of goodies at the counter like homemade chocolate, coffee beans and heaps of other produce!

MOB (My Other Brother) – Camberwell 

Another weekend and another brunch spot found! My Other Brother (MOB) is a great spot in Camberwell with so many amazing food options. My brunch gal and I shared the Nutella Waffles and the Eggs Benny and they did not disappoint!


The Eggs Benny was a modern take on the tradition breakfast dish with a black burger bun and fried chicken to go with it, but they got that combination right, it was amazing.


Then the waffles, wow! With bruleed banana, strawberries and mascarpone they were absolutely delicious. Good thing we shared though, best of both worlds without feeling sick from too much sweet.


MOB has great coffee, features a nice spot outside to eat and are quick and efficient with the food and drinks – just what I want at brunch.


Bagelicious – Hawthorn 

In America I fell in love with bagels, big time! So Bagelicious was on top of my list for a long time… finally I made it. They have so many different types of bagels to choose from cheese, poppy seed, blueberry and so many more, then they have loads of sweet and savoury filling options. I was super excited but it took me a while to decide even after I had seen the menu before going.

So I decided to get two, a savoury for the lunch and a sweet for take away. The halloumi cheese was so good with beetroot, pesto and salad filling, it didn’t even need meat as an extra.


The peanut butter and chocolate bagel was meant to be my dessert for later, but I had to try at least a half while I was there and it was amazing, so yum! If you are a peanut better and chocolate fan, you have to try this!

Short Straw – Hawthorn 

Just off Glenferrie Road, Short Straw is a great brunch spot to try! They do get busy, so be prepared to wait – maybe put your name down for a table and go check out the millions of shops on Glenferrie.


With a bright and welcoming vibe, Short Straw have a huge variety! If you can’t choose I would recommend the quinoa, cheakpea and potato New York style bagels or the coconut kasoundi baked beans! Both these dishes had so much flavour and were amazing! And of course, the coffee is great!

Short Straw has had amazing reviews and I definitely know why. Add this one to your list.


Miss Frank Cafe – Camberwell 

Same weekend and another great brunch place! Miss Frank Cafe – although from the outside could go unnoticed – is a huge cafe with beautiful interior decor and an amazing menu.


I think I spent about half an hour deciding what to have! But, hot tip… if you go with someone else who likes sweet and savoury and can’t decide either, get both and share! I do love smashed avo, but even better I love a cafe that does something different with their smashed avo. Miss Frank had a beet puree that added an amazing sweet flavour.


Then the orange, choc, poppy seed hotcakes were incredible! Not too rich, sweet or filling they were so fresh, colourful and yum! Definitely try those hotcakes!


Miss Frank serve a huge range of food with great flavour and amazing colour. Check out their Instagram to see the amazing presentation of their meals.



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