Travelling the United States of America: San Diego

San Diego

A peaceful city with history, beautiful gardens, loads of greenery and quiet streets


It was an early start to get to the car hire branch to pick up our Ford Mustang convertible so we could cruise down to San Diego for the day!


Definitely buckle up

Getting to Dollar – the car rental place – was not an issue, we were on time and ready to go. We waited over an hour for the guy to set us up, only to be told we weren’t getting a Ford Mustang, or even a convertible similar. So instead to “make up for it” we could choose from any prestige car – which costs more to hire. We were giving four different Buick’s to choose from, which all look like a normal sedan with leather seats, nothing fancy about them.

The first one we picked we started to drive it out and were stopped because it had a mechanical fault and the second one didn’t have functioning Bluetooth. With time already lost we needed to leave with no Bluetooth.


Beautiful Laguna

So we put Laguna Beach in the GPS – our first stop – and off we travelled. Ash started the drive, on the wrong side was crazy weird. Then we were travelling along and after 30 minutes it said we were soon to arrive, that wasn’t right,  it was an hour and a half away. Turns out the GPS address was wrong and we were heading to a different area. The town we ended up at was beautiful so I guess it was still nice to see.

We found the nearest petrol station bought an AUX for the music and off we headed, in the right direction this time.


Life goals, why did Lauren Conrad leave?

After a while I took over the driving and took us into Laguna. One hot tip: don’t reserve parallel park, apparently it is illegal. Anyway Laguna Beach was beautiful! The houses were amazing that surrounded the water and all the small boutique shops were so gorgeous. We walked to the lookout and it was stunning! Then we headed to the boardwalk pier for breakfast at The Cliff Restaurant. We enjoyed the most amazing view and the food was pretty good too.

On the road again, it was time to head straight to San Diego for our segway tour! I drove into the city and it wasn’t as scary as you would think, the street were quiet and after about 10 minutes you get use to driving on the wrong side anyway. The only confusing thing is at a cross intersection with no lights, there is no real rules on giving way. Well not that we could work out.


Gas light district

We made it to our first destination and early so we headed for a much needed coffee before the tour started. I got a Matcha Latte at the Coffee & Tea Collective, I haven’t had one like it since! It was amazing.

If you are looking to do a tour of San Diego where you learn a lot about the city, get to see the sights and can do it in a short amount of time, go for We Love Tourists. Todd and the team are fantastic and really know this city! We did the City Loop segway tour for $89USD and it was so great.


Cruising San Diego in a segway

First Todd gave us a demo on how to use the segways and made sure we were confident enough to ride around town. You drive the segway on the ride, along the path and through parks, it is so much fun. In two hours we explored San Diego Harbor, Downtown Gaslamp District, Petco Park, Balboa Park, Little Italy and loads more streets. We saw the convention centre where Comic Con is held, road past the stadium where baseball is played – which is amazingly right in the city centre, we went through the amazing and beautiful parks that surround San Diego – Balboa Park is a must see – saw many Anchor Man locations and the Unconditional Surrender Statue (the famous solider kissing the nurse). A truly incredible tour, definitely check it out!


Beautiful places in San Diego

All that cruising San Diego in a segway makes you super hungry and the Gaslamp District has heaps of places to eat! We headed to Hark Rock for a huge feast, potato skins are the best!

Next stop? The San Diego Zoo of course. Parking is great there for those driving and it is also very close to the city if you want to get an Uber or transport. The zoo was massive! I suggest you take the chair lift to the top of the park and work your way down. The views of the city from up there are also amazing! They had every animal you could think of but the Meerkats were my personal favourite, I just love them. Although the Zoo is definitely worth checking out, I think it wasn’t as good as people make out, the Signapore Zoo was easily my favourite, and no we didn’t see Ross’s Monkey Marcel.


So cute!!

Also be aware, we got very lost and had to ask many people how to get out, that place is very exhausting! After we finally made it to the exist it was late afternoon and time to say goodbye to San Diego, it is such a beautiful green city!

With the sun setting as we left , it was a nice drive out. Hayley drove from San Diego to Newport Beach where we stopped for dinner and to see the town the O.C was based off. As we were coming in, Hayley turned into wrong street, on the wrong side of the road, ohh Hayles! At least it was towards the end of the drive home.


Many museums

We found a strip of nice restaurants right near the pier and chose Il Farro, a cute Italian restaurant tucked away in a small alley. The inside made as feel like we were in a small town in Italy and the menu had so many amazing options. I chose the Cioppino Posilipo, which was a pasta containing every type of seafood you could think of, it was amazing!! But it was Hayley’s lobster ravioli that was the highlight dish, order that!


Newport Beach, don’t mind the gorgeous hair

After the food coma we put ourselves in from that amazing pasta we headed to the pier for a quick look and a photo in front of the Newport Lifesaving Club, which never actually featured in The O.C.


Amazing pasta

After being up since 4:30am we were done for the day, we headed back to drop the car off – never book through that company – then it was bed time!


San Diego, according to Ron Burgundy ‘a whale’s vagina’

San Diego is a place I would recommend you stay at. The parks are so beautiful and the city is so clean and quiet. We met Todd, the best tour guide ever, got extremely lost at the Zoo and saw the beautiful beaches of California along our journey to and from.

Go back to discover L.A.


Great food, a hidden gem

4 thoughts on “Travelling the United States of America: San Diego

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  2. Your trip sounds like so much fun! 🙂 As an American I don’t know if I could get used to driving on the other side of the road either! 🙂 What is reverse parallel parking?? Also if you ever make your way to Ohio, you should check out the Columbus Zoo, it is AMAZING and so huge! 🙂 Where are you from?

    Lobster ravioli is my favorite btw that looked so good!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment 😌.

      Yes when I reserved into the park a lady stopped me to say it was illegal and I would be fined! So strange!

      Thanks so much for the recommendation I can’t wait to explore more of the US I love it so much! I’m from Melbourne Australia!

      Yes the food was so amazing, great to hear from you!

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