Travelling Mexico: Cancun


A party paradise with pool parties, boat parties and all night parties – everyone’s favourite

Day twelve – paradise here we come!! 

Rise and shine it is time for endless Pina Coladas and tanning on the beach! We headed to LAX for our flight to Cancun!! After a big breakfast at B Grill by BOA Steakhouse – the airport version of a restaurant we heard about to the TMZ tour – it was time to wait hours at the gate before boarding. During our long wait we overheard United Airlines explaining they had overbooked the flight and they needed people to volunteer to go the next day instead! But at this stage we didn’t know that a guy had been forced off a plane for not volunteering to surrender his seat only days before. United Airlines were not having a great run.


Hotel view!

So although we didn’t sit next to each other I won big time, I got the emergency exist and a nice couple to chat to for part of the journey.

Five hours later and going into the ‘future’ we finally made it to Cancun! The sun was out, the weather was perfect and you can get margaritas at the airport, how good is that! Olympus Transport picked us up from the airport, we got bottles of water, WiFi on the bus, it was the ultimate treatment already! Next stop, Grand Oasis Sens for our all inclusive ‘adults only’ resort for the next four nights, perfect!


Isla Mujeres, simply beautiful

The resort is amazing, right on the beach, in a good location, the rooms are super clean and really nice and the staff were super friendly. Us senoritas could definitely get use to this!

By the time we settled in it was nearly dinner time, free dinner time is the best dinner time!  We headed to the Mexican restaurant, Muederme Mucho for our first Mexican experience in Mexico, the food was good! Spicy but good. We ordered one tequila sunrise, just what you do in Mexico and after that we kept receiving tequila shots, we had three each lined up at one point!


Mexican food in Mexico

When the food is free, you must order dessert, the weirdest feeling after dinner is leaving without paying or anything, feels wrong but so good. We went to explore the hotel before heading to sleep, jet lag was kicking in and also because we didn’t realise we had a tour starting at 9am in the morning, ooops!

The hotel does however offer so many activities during the day and night from yoga to pool parties and they have loads of different restaurants to try, some do need to be booked though!


Day thirteen – a day on the catamaran to Isla Mujeres 

With a massive day ahead it is a must to get the free breakfast, even if it means getting up a little earlier! We got a taxi down to the marina – most hotels will call them for you – and we organised the tour with the marina staff.

It was choas, people were everywhere! But to the credit of the staff, they organised all the people on to the right boats in perfect timing. Although they did spell my last name Machine not MacInnes, I’ll let it slide!


That blue water tho

So on the catamaran and off we went! It was pretty overcast at the beginning but the sun started to pierce through to eventually shine beautifully! This catamaran was huge, had free alcohol (not until after we had snorkelled), the staff were so entertaining and the music made us fall in love with Spanish pop/RnB (in particular Vivir Vida by Mark Anthony – remixed edition – and El Taxi by Pitbull). We cruised along, the host of the boat entertained us until we reached our snorkelling destination, so strap that go pro on and jump right in! The water is a beautiful blue and luke warm in temperature.


Amazing snorkelling experience

We saw some amazing fish, beautiful coral, we held a creepy looking sea spider/star fish and swam over hand statues at the bottom of the ocean! Really amazing, the guide took as to some great parts. Loved the snorkelling it was definitely a highlight!

As soon as we got out it was time for free drinks! They made cocktails and heaps of awesome drinks, make sure you make the most of that!


Looking back at Cancun

Our next stop was Isla Mujeres, a beautiful island with amazing beaches, friendly locals and cheap shopping. We were given free time explore, so it was straight to the shops first! We found an ally way with loads of ponchos, sombreros and heaps of Mexican souvenirs, so of course we needed to buy a poncho!


Hand Sculptures

After buying loads of souvenirs, it was off to check out the beach! We sat of a jetty and enjoyed the warm weather, the cute Mexican kids playing in the water and the party boat 100m away playing great tunes.

Loads of photos taken, check, and it was time to get back on the boat to head to lunch, free lunch! We drove around the other side of the island for a buffet lunch with loads of Mexican and Western food options, amazing! We ordered cocktails and relaxed on the lounge chairs right on the beach, ordering drinks and getting them delivered, what a life!


Market stalls

Hot tip: you can get a photo with a baby shark for a few dollars, maybe don’t do it, seems a little cruel.

Back on the boat and time to slowly head back! So more drinks it is! The host was pouring tequila in people’s mouths (Ashlee did that like a champion) and I was doing my itchy dog dance with the Colombian guy sitting next to us who loved to dance, it was such a blast!


Love the Cancun life

At one stage the boat pulled up and we all had the option to para sail off the back. On my way to drunk and suffering heat stroke, I volunteered to go first – yeah why? So you jump straight in, swim to the swing and hold on for your life! You get fairly high up, but it was so much fun, definitely an experience! Ash was brave and went second, Hayley on the other hand, chicken (sorry Hayles).

We continued on and got back to Cancun around 5pm, such a huge day. By the time we got back to the hotel we were wrecked! We went to the Italian restaurant, Moonlight, for dinner, pizza and pasta, yes please! Then we had a few drinks in the lounge in an attempt to wait for the nightclub to open, but the heart stroke and the sudden hit of jet lag was too much for that day.


Cloudy with a chance of heat waves

Day fourteen – beach day and drinks

We woke up refreshed and ready for a day of tanning, swimming and drinking – a few of my favourite things! We headed for our buffet breakfast, which has everything – like actually everything!


Resort beach front

As part of the hotel you can meet with the tourism desk and book tours. We scheduled a meeting with the company who picked us up from the airport. So we had a chat and booked a club crawl to The City, one of the biggest clubs in Cancun. We would have loved to go to Chichen Itza, but we ran out of time to book anything! They also offer so many different activities, we just didn’t have the time. Oh well, back to Cancun soon then?


Blue water, rough waves

Then it was tanning and beach time. The sun was crazy hot and the water was the perfect temperature, however the waves were pretty rough but fun.


Take me back, please?

After feeling exhausted from trying to swim with the waves we headed to the pool. Oasis Sens has three huge pools – which are all amazing! Two look over the ocean and one is at the front of the hotel with jacuzzis and day beds! The pool overlooking the beach  has a swim up bar, our favourite! Just like in Vegas, in Cancun you can drink in the pool there are no real rules. Also at our hotel, being topless around the pool area is permitted, just in case you weren’t expecting that.


So happy with Cancun

While we were drinking in the pool did meet a Bucks Party from California. They were really nice guys, great to make friends. The pool also has volley ball for those who are good. But for us, versing some of the people we met made us discover pool volley ball isn’t a strong point for us.

But to finish off the afternoon it was time to hang out in the jacuzzis in the front pool, so relaxing and perfect end of the day.


What a view from the pool

Heading back to our room before getting food we noticed our key didn’t work, so after maintenance came to help and failed, we had to head down to reception to get a new key. What a bit of a mini disaster, just like the bad WiFi. If it is going to happen, it will happen to us.

For dinner we tried another new restaurant at the hotel – could never get sick of not having to pay for dinner – called Makitaco, which is Mexican/Japaneses fusion. The food was amazing, definitely my favourite place! Then it was time to try the nightclub called Kinky, well they got the name right! This was the first time we noticed the group of swingers staying at the hotel! We saw them everyday after that.


Pool side cocktails

The club played good music, even if it wasn’t very busy, and we met up with the Bucks Party again and the stage was the dance floor, we made the most of it.

On our way back to our room we stopped at The Box for the late night snacks they promised, much to our disappointment they were potato chips and sandwiches, we needed greasy after club food.


Never get sick of looking at that water

Day fifteen – foam party and clubs

Another day in paradise! Another free breakfast and another day by the pool!

As it was a Friday the hotel had organised a foam party. So before it started it was Mexican for lunch and drinks by the pool, standard.

The foam party was crazy but heaps of fun. The not so fun part is the soap in your eyes and throat, but once you get past that it is great. They had a DJ and it was just a great day party, especially if you love getting day drunk.


So much foam

After way too much foam and finishing off by relaxing in the jacuzzi, we had dinner at the breakfast restaurant, which was just all you can eat. It was okay, but I would recommend the other restaurants first.  Then it was time to experience Cancun nightlife.

We arrived to the club early so we were granted access to the bar next door, Mandala. The main street was packed, people were everywhere and the ticket we bought for around $80USD got us free drinks at both places all night.


Like way more than this

Around 11pm the club opened and people started to pile in, like really pile in. As soon as we got into the club a guy took us to the upstairs balcony for VIP access, the joys of being a female. We were moved again to a better location where we could overlook the whole nightclub. The City was easily the biggest nightclub I have ever been in, we were told it hold 7,500 people and this night it was packed!


Before it got busy

They had naked painted dancers performing, girls swinging from holla-hops, it was super entertaining! We were getting served free drinks from the waiter all night – you just have to tip at the end – and the music was awesome! At one point they played ‘Don’t you Worry Child’ and the whole club went crazy, it was seriously amazing!

The promo girls gave out flashing glow sticks and hats, which was my favourite part personally.


Semi sober

The free drinks got the better of me later in the night and it was time for food and bed. We headed over the road to a little Mexican take out place and ordered tacos. It should have been a red flag when a cockroach actually ran over my foot but we ate there anyway. The food was average, the girls got pizza and I don’t remember the trip home, but I did wake up in nothing but my poncho.

What a great night, Cancun nightlife is crazy!


It wasn’t as good as it looks

Day sixteen –  last day, why??? 

This was the day reception called to see if we were alive because we were about to miss breakfast, they know us already.

Today it was shopping day! We were in the same street as the night before, except it was a lot more quieter. The markets were very similar to the ones on the island, but we still bought more of course.

What I loved about the shop owners in Cancun is they were trying to sell shot glasses for $15AUD each, they didn’t really know what to say when I asked them if they were a tourist in Australia would they pay that much, we got a good deal after that.


Shopping, our bags were very full

After so much haggling and heaps of shopping it was definitely time for a drink by the pool, probably my favourite part of the day!

Then it was another favourite part of the day, free dinner. After our most preferred place Makitaco was a 30 minute wait we headed for some Italian again. Right by the pool, Moonlight is beautiful at night time, just soaking in the warm air!


Moonlight, so good

In the main foyer is a bar, always super busy so we spent our last night with our Bucks Party friends talking nonsense and making the most of free drinks. The guys were super entertaining and funny so it was a good last night, most of them had early morning flights but it didn’t stop them!

Day seventeen – flying home

With a late afternoon flight and a late check out it was good to sleep in for our last day in Mexico, we were super sad. We weren’t ready to leave paradise.

We had our last free breakfast and headed down to the pool to get some last minute colour. One of the guys from the Buck’s Party hadn’t left yet and we actually saw him climbing through his hotel window from the pool – apparently it saves having a key to lose!


Taco me out… not ready to leave

So after some last minute time by the pool we packed our stuff and dropped our bags at reception to check out, we were so not ready to leave. At least once you check out you are welcome to still use all the facilities and get free food! So we headed to the Hippy Grill for lunch! Our last mate from the Bucks joined us our last meal, it was a sad time.

Then it was time to head to the airport, we did our duty free shopping, hot tip: buy the cherry rum! It is amazing, like so amazing and they don’t make it anywhere else! Also buy me some while you’re there!


Plane sunset views

Next stop, LA, again! The flight consisted of a lot of children – which wasn’t ideal but nothing Netflix can’t drown out.

Once we got to LA we were super anxious about missing our connecting flight to Melbourne – coming from our bad experience at the start – so we ran to the bus and got to our terminal with plenty of time, thank god!

From all the clubs, tours and whatever else we did on our holiday we ended up making a competition, who could keep their wrist bands on the longest, Hayley caved in 5 minutes and Ash unfortunately lost hers somehow at the very end so I won!


Winner, me

Our flight home was long, but we made it! Cancun you were amazing! We ate a lot of food and we drank a lot of cocktails. The beaches were beautiful and the vibe so relaxed, we met some great people and experienced an adults only hotel that consisted of topless women and swingers – it was a great time! I also had the absolute best people to travel with… xx


Cancun, I love you

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