Exploring Melbourne in Summer – Part 2

Melbourne in Summer

After work beach trips and ice cream vans.

Summer is over and now we are in the six month long winter that Melbourne gives us. Although it is dark before 6pm, we can still dream about this coming summer, that will surely be here before we know.

This year has flown by, so try and make the most of what is on offer in our great city!

Up in Smoke – Footscray

Heading west you will find a great restaurant called Up in Smoke, who are known for their smoked meat. I have only been there for lunch, but the tacos and sandwiches/burgers are amazing! If you go after 5pm you can choose from their range of different smoked meat trays. The outdoor/indoor vibe is great in the summer, especially with their huge drinks menu!

Santoni – Hawthorn

On Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn, Santoni is a great Italian pizzeria serving great pizza and pasta dishes. The venue is split into three stories. The first has more of a Cafe style vibe, then the second level is a very intimate restaurant with views of the Glenferrie Road. The third and final level is a rooftop bar/eatery, which is my personal favourite. You can see the city, see the streets of Hawthorn and enjoy drinks and great food.

The staff is super friendly, the food is great and so are the views, definitely a great summer rooftop bar to enjoy in Melbourne.


Naked for Satan – Fitzroy

Easily my favourite bar in Melbourne at the moment – and I know loads of people agree with me. If you are planning to go at night time close or on the weekend, be prepared to wait if you want to go to the roof!

The views of Melbourne are incredible and if you can get a seat to enjoy it, that is a bonus. At Naked for Satan they make their own vodka, they make their own beer and wine and wow, it is so good! Definitely try the different flavours of vodka while you’re there, cherry was amazing.


Then the tapas, yum! Go in the afternoon and they are cheaper, but they are so amazing and you get a few great choices!

So where did the name come from? Read this great story on how this venue got the name ‘Naked for Satan’.

A must go to place in Melbourne, great atmosphere and next door is a cheap taco place open late for a good after drinking snack.

Half Moon Bay – Black Rock

Elwood beach, St Kilda beach, Brighton beach are all amazing in summer! But if you want to try something new, go to Half Moon Bay in Black Rock! Half Moon Bay is also home to HMVS Cerberus, the last surviving monitor warship in the world, which acts as a breakwater. If you can swim that far, go and check it out!


Half Moon Bay is very calm and a great relaxing beach, they have a kiosk if you want to send the day there and great walking tracks along the cliffs, which has a distant view of the city.


Top Paddock – Richmond

Located just before Chapel Street starts, Top Paddock is a very popular Sunday brunch destination. But, I definitely understand why! So many people have written about how amazing Top Paddock is so I don’t need to tell you why you need to go, just go there!

A must try is the hotcakes, easily the prettiest breakfast I’ve ever had! Looks way too nice to eat. All the food is so beautifully presented and a lot of effort gets put into every meal. Really great food, put this on your brunch list!


Truck Stop Deluxe – Werribee


If you are a burger lover, add this to your must try! Truck Stop Deluxe, although a fair hike west out of the city, is a great burger place.

The interior consist of everything truck related, they have trucks on the walls and you can even eat in a truck!

They have a huge list of burgers, milkshakes – even spiked milkshakes and loaded fries. Loads of greasy food but all so good, try the mac and cheese croquette! You can’t go wrong with the classic Fine and Dandy or if you are a chicken burger fan the Colonel is good too.

Truck Stop is a cool restaurant with a great theme, worth the drive.


Australian Open – Melbourne 

Summer in Melbourne isn’t really summer without going to the Australian Open Tennis. This was my first year going, but it was so amazing I will definitely be going every year!

Working during the week, I went after 5pm and got the $30 night pass, which gives you access to all the outside courts. If you want to do this, I recommend going on week one so you get to see as many games as you can!


If you go during the day it isn’t much more in price and you can even access some of the inside courts.

They even had a headline act play every night and so many bars and places to eat, you could not even watch tennis and have a good time.

So just jump from court to court and watch as many games as you can, if you download the app on your phone you can see what games are still running, which was handy when it gets later in the night and you just want to watch more games before leaving.


In the end we got to watch the most entertaining match, the crowd was going crazy for the Australian Jordan Thompson, we also got to see Denis Istomin, who knocked out Novak Djokovic days later!

Great atmosphere, great weather and great company – check out the Australian Open next year!


Moonlight Cinema – Royal Botanical Gardens  

Another great thing to do in summer is to check out any rooftop or outdoor cinema. My choice this year was the Moonlight Cinema at the Botanical Gardens, which was amazing!

The gardens are so beautiful, let alone sitting there on a summer night watching a movie, drinking wine and enjoy parts of the city skyline.


Definitely a great place for a girls catch up or date night! One hot tip, take as much food, drinks and blankets. Food can be expensive and once the sun goes down it can be a little chilly.

A perfect place, the Botanical Gardens are a favourite of mine in general, so if you go on the weekend, check out the grounds before the movie.


Edinburgh Gardens – Fitzroy

Australia Day in 2016 I spent the day at Edinburgh Gardens and what a great place to spend the day drinking, listening to the hottest 100 and playing any form of game you can using a football and a Frisbee.

The park was super busy all day and everyone was keen to mingle with randoms choosing to spend their Australia day doing the same thing.

People’s dogs just roamed around looking for someone who was willing to give up a sausage or hamburger and everyone shared their radio to see who made number one.

I haven’t been back since, but the atmosphere on Australia Day only makes me want to go back every year to celebrate!

In general the gardens were beautiful for any day of the year to have a BBQ and enjoy.

Anderson Park – Hawthorn East 

Summer is a great time to discover some of your local suburbs hidden gems. That is exactly what I did this summer, I discovered Anderson Park in Hawthorn East. This place has an incredible view of Melbourne, it is actually my favourite place to just sit down and enjoy the weather and the city.


Anderson Park is great to let your pets run around, they have tennis courts and a playground as well. The park is a nice spot for a picnic, to read a book and to just relax. Sunrise or sunset is amazing with the city skyline as your background.


White Night – Melbourne

Starting at 7pm and going to 7am, White Night is a big event on the Melbourne calendar. Melbourne iconic buildings are lit up to celebrate the creativity of artists, musicians and performers as they also take over the laneways, parks, roads and paths of Melbourne.


From giant light up rabbits to exploring exhibitions, churches and live performances, White Night is a great opportunity to see Melbourne in a different light, away from the busy roads and busy office workers trying to commute around the city.


Check out White Night in 2018.


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