Exploring Melbourne in Summer – Part 1

Summer in Melbourne

Less chance of rain, great beach days and amazing atmosphere.

Hooray it is finally summer, after about six months of winter it is finally time to give the pins some sun and enjoy rooftop bars, the beach and the amazing events Melbourne has to offer.

Christmas in Melbourne

Christmas time has to be everyone’s favourite time of year, but it definitely is a lot more exciting when you are in one of the greatest cities in the world. Melbourne town hall lights up at night to tell a Christmas story, Bourke Street Mall is decorated for the festive season – and is busier than ever – and Myer open up their Giftorium, which is like being a kid in a candy store with beautiful decorations, great food and most importantly gift ideas. It really is an amazing place to check out at Christmas time, Myer in the city is easily the best.


Christmas of 2016, the in trend theme was definitely personalisation, you could get anything personalised for Christmas, you could even put your name on a Nutella jar!

One thing I didn’t get to check out at Christmas – and I’m so disappointed – was the gingerbread collection. An exhibit that has everything made from gingerbread, they even did an MCG replica, how amazing!

Melbourne really offers an incredible festive season – without the snow, yet!


Portello Rosso – Warbuton Lane

Do you love tapas as much as I do? Then Portello Rosso needs to be on your list! Tucked away in one of Melbourne’s laneways, it truly is an authentic Spanish restaurant. Not only is the food amazing, but the building feels like it has a lot of history, a very old warehouse style building, which gives the restaurant a great rustic feel.


Now what did I have? Of course the Patatas Bravas, the most amazing crunchiest potatoes with those incredible sauces, the Mejillones, which was mussels in a garlic tomato sauce – so good if you are a seafood lover and the Pato Frito, duck breast with a spiced sauce, the duck was cooked perfectly and the sauce was just, yum! Of course dessert was on the cards when you see churros on the menu! The Churros con Chocolate was served with a white chocolate and choc orange sauce, the best way to end an amazing meal.

Not only were the tapas amazing, the service was great – I must go back to try the paella they all looked incredible.


Juno and May – Camberwell

Looking for yet another bunch spot in Melbourne? Juno and May is definitely a place to check out! A family owned café, which has a great story printed on the wall of the cafe on how the business was named. Their Facebook also explains the great story behind the name:

“As one of 6 kids (Chef owner Henry Honner) growing up on a cattle farm there were a few things we didn’t have compared to the City kids. The local shop only sold petrol and the paper. We even had to share the same phone line with every other family in the district. But, according to my older brother, it was a TV set that was the real sore point.


Thankfully that same brother struck a deal with Dad. He calculated that if we got two dairy cows and he milked them before and after school each day he would save the family enough money in milk to afford a TV. Dad agreed and Juno and May arrived. Dutifully each morning and afternoon my brother could be heard calling out ‘Juno! May!’ for their milking.”


For breakfast I had the Farmyard granola with vanilla panna cotta and seasonal fruit and wow, I don’t usually order granola on a Sunday bunch, but I was amazing! The panna cotta was a great addition to the dish and it just had so many fresh flavours.  This place definitely has some amazing dishes on the menu to try.

UPDATE: Went back, got the same thing, this time it was Mango panna cotta, still so so good!


St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach is definitely a very touristy place, but I love it! Lots of people having a good time, playing volleyball, having drinks by the water, riding skateboards, bikes and anything else, I really enjoy heading to St Kilda. It is the Venice Beach of Melbourne!


If you are planning a day at the beach, head on a Sunday to experience the market along the esplanade, some really great produce stalls and heaps of things to look at. You can have lunch at one of the many restaurants along the beach edge and enjoy the sun – if you have any luck.

If you stay until dusk head along the pier – enjoy the views of Melbourne and watch the penguins come out to play, they are so cute and just an amazing experience to see penguins in their natural environment!


St Kilda beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the summer days!

Walking Tour of Melbourne

Lived in Melbourne a while and think you know all the hidden treasures and history? I bet you don’t! The Melbourne walking tour takes you through the best laneways in Melbourne, shows you all the little gems Melbourne has to offer and teaches you a lot about the history of our city.


From the New York side to the Paris side of Melbourne – yes I learnt this too – the walking tour gave me a lot of restaurants and bars to add to my list – hopefully I’ll be writing on some of them soon!

Even if you are a resident of Melbourne, you don’t have to be a tourist to fit in! You will find yourself learning so much on the world’s most livable city in minutes of starting this tour!


Duchess – Flinders Street

Part of the Duke of Wellington – Melbourne’s oldest pub – the Duchess is a casual fine dining restaurant that really delivers with their amazing food! Thursday nights they have a DJ to entertain you and set good vibes and the food really speaks for itself.


Going for a work function we had an array of different entrees, mains and desserts came out to share amongst our group and it was really great. Some of the feature dishes were the Gippsland lamb, the mac and cheese was delicious and the mini ice creams were so cute, but so yum! We got so much food and we all loved every dish!

Would love to go back and experience the different menu options they have – I’m sure they are incredible!


Corner Hotel – Richmond

One of the roughest looking bars on Swan Street, The Corner Hotel is actually a really nice venue. With a new rooftop bar this place is really great in summer, but is also sheltered enough that you can enjoy in the winter as well!


Although I didn’t eat the food looked great! The Corner Hotel is best known for the bands and gigs they hold. The list is posted on the side of the building so if you love music and supporting local bands, you need to check this place out!


Meatballs and Wine – Richmond

Obviously, the name speaks for itself but the food here is amazing!! Meatballs and Wine is found in a lot of suburbs around Melbourne and their menu options are on point. You can choose your meatball, your sauce and your side or you can pick from a range of pastas, cheese boards and just a huge selection for a ‘meatball and wine’ restaurant!

The chicken meatballs with white sauce and mash potato are actually amazing, so much rich flavour, it was just so good! With a cozy atmosphere, this is a great place to in the winter for date night!


The Richmond Club –Richmond

Well, this place is probably my favourite in Richmond! The Richmond Hotel is broken up into three levels, the downstairs pub with dining, the middle section for those who like to dance and the upstairs with a rooftop that is great on a hot day, especially with the views of the city.

Friday and Saturday nights are so busy and the DJ on the second level is always playing great RnB and the latest music! If you are doing a pub crawl in Richmond, head here last! It really is a good place to go out, definitely calling it my local now! Even better reason to go there, next door is a kebab and pizza shop!

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