Exploring Melbourne in Spring

Spring in Melbourne

Still a chance of rain but now it is lighter out.

Back again for the Spring edition of exploring my new home, Melbourne. With daylight savings in full force and the weather starting to warm up, more events are now starting to happen around town.

The Bohemian – South Wharf

Among an array of fabulous restaurants is Bohemian, a Spanish tapas restaurant that has a quirky atmosphere and is very inviting and cozy.

The restaurant isn’t a huge venue, but this makes the setting intimate and to top it off the food is incredible.


The paella was my choice for the night, which was so authentic and full of delicious seafood and flavour. My parents chose a few tapas – which I tried – and wow! The mussels were so fresh and soaked in a very rich tomato sauce, yum! The tapas sizes were perfect and between the two of them, four was plenty.

Whilst at the restaurant I also noticed they do paella cooking lessons and for around $60 you learn to make authentic paella that you get to eat at the end with a glass of wine.


A fabulous restaurant on South Wharf, very close to the DFO and such a great dining experience.

Spice Market – Melbourne

One of the many nightclubs in Melbourne, Spice Market has great décor inside with an exotic Middle Eastern theme. Just like Las Vegas, VIP booths surround the dance floor, which offer bottle service.


The club dance floor has a platform in the middle – for ladies only – which I loved! But it was the RnB playlist that attracted me the most. If you are looking for great music, latest hits and mostly RnB, head to Spice Market.

This is a busy club and the lines can be long so prepared to wait a little while to get in, unless you head out early. Overall the club has two huge bars so lining up for a drink isn’t so bad.


Spice Market is a great nightclub in a lane-way off Russell Street that screams a cultural Melbourne experience.

And if you can get invited into a booth by a guy wearing  a fur coast who looks like Macklemore, than it is even better.

Oktoberfest by the Gardens – Birrarung Marr

If I had to describe Oktoberfest in a few words I would say crazy, fun and just wow! Tickets for Oktoberfest by the Gardens was around $70, that includes your entry, a cup and one beer, probably a little over priced considering all drinks were around $10+, but it was still one of the best things.


Although the weather was freezing for us in 2016 – yes in October – a poncho, some more alcohol and the silent disco made us extremely muddy, but not cold in the slightest.

So what were the highlights? Definitely the food, the lamb kofta, yum! I did have a try of the pork knuckle and the pretzels, which were also delicious.


If I have to say my favourite thing for the day, it would have to be the silent disco. It was so much fun and you made so many friends by simply being on the same channel as them. With the headphones off you could definitely hear how tone deaf everyone was!

On the very top of the hill was a huge stage where they had bands and DJs playing all day. The band at the end of the night was amazing, however when they played ‘Killing in the name of – Rise Against the Machine’, the crowd went crazy and drinks were flying everywhere, definitely not a great experience for getting crushed!


Overall, Oktoberfest by the Gardens was amazing, highly recommend it and will definitely be going next year – lets just hope the weather is better!

Porgies + Mr Jones– Hawthorn East

My local café, just around the corner and the food is just incredible! Although I have only been for breakfast, the lunch menu also looks great!


If you are a smashed avo connoisseur you need to add this place to your list! Also their phat croissant is amazing.


Porgies + Mr Jones also offer dinner on certain days that looks fabulous!

If you are thinking of heading there for an incredible breakfast or brunch make sure you have cash on you, the only annoying this is they don’t take card!

UPDATE: new owners, new amazing menu and new EFT machine, yes!!


Night Noodle Market – Birrarung Marr

The Noodle Market runs every night for around two weeks in November. I was lucky enough to go twice in 2016 and it is just amazing.

This festival displays an array of different cultures from the Chinese Dragon parading around Birrarung Marr to the amazing range of different cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian and Vietnamese – just to name a few.


Broken up into three levels – just like Oktoberfest – there were so many different restaurants and so so much food! If you plan to go next year, remember they don’t take cash so don’t get any money out, you only need your card.

So what did I do at the Noddle Market? Well nearly everything! I tried so many different foods including amazing pineapple rice, a Mr Miyagi butter chicken taco, Matcha ice cream from Gelato Messina, a steam bun pork burger from Ghost Kitchen and the best pork and chicken skewers from Hoy Pinoy.


The food was incredible, so many flavours from so many different cultures! On the two different days I was at the Noodle Market I listened to the Mr Miyagi DJ – who played the best music – lazed on the MenuLog inflatable couches on the Birrarung Marr hill and ate in the Mercedes Benz dome on the top floor.

Overall I loved going to the Noodle Market hence why I went back for seconds! Can’t wait to go next year to experience all the different food.



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