Exploring Melbourne in Winter

Winter in Melbourne

Slight chance of rain, good food and cocktails.

Winter was a long one in Melbourne, but I still wanted to do as much as I could to see the sights. With the days dark when I got home it was difficult, but nevertheless day light savings was soon approaching so it would make for great opportunities to get out!

Aquarium After Dark – Sealife Melbourne Aquarium

Little to my knowledge, the Sealife Aquarium has many functions running throughout the year and Aquarium After Dark was one of them. For around $70 you got free wine, beer and soft drink, canapés throughout the evening, a cocktail on arrival and access to see all the marine life at night.


A group of friends and I bought our tickets and headed on the Friday night to the aquarium, felt strange being dressed up for the aquarium, but the night was great – and who doesn’t love free wine? You start off at the top level and they move you on to all the different sections of the aquarium with time to look at all the different fish and sea life as you go. The food was just rolling out with heaps of different canapés including sushi, duck rolls, spring rolls, arancini balls – you name it and they pretty much served it up!

The last exhibit was with the sharks and dessert was served. They had these miniature ice cream in a cone that were amazing – and so cute! A one-man band played and of course my friends were the life of the party, which pushed everyone else to get around the band.


Overall it was worth the $70 for something a bit different – especially if you haven’t been to the aquarium in a while – the food was amazing and obviously the free drinks were the best part!

Ponyfish Island – Southbank, Melbourne

You can find Ponyfish Island floating on the Yarra on the foot bridge heading from Flinders Street Station to Southbank. Make sure you go early to get a seat, because it gets busy quick!

The views from the platoon are incredible, both sides of the Yarra – try and go on sunset for some even better shots of Melbourne!

The cocktail jugs are definitely the way to go, we had the blood orange jug and it was the best – even if it was winter and freezing.


Ponyfish Island in summer will be the perfect Sunday session idea and I’m sure their summer menu will include some great fruity cocktails.

Chin Chin – Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Part of the Baby Pizza and Hawker Hall, Chin Chin’s is another restaurant in Melbourne that you can’t book unless you are a table of 8 or more, so get there early.

An Asian Fusion inspired restaurant that takes the flavoursome cuisine and adds a modern twist that gives spark and an incredible taste into their dishes.


We got there at 5:30pm and made it just in time for the table. I suggest if you want to experience it all, pay for the FEED ME for $70 – this is where the chef decides what you eat! It is great if you want to try a bit of everything, but can’t decide. The only problem is everyone on the table has to join in as well. I ordered off the ‘little something’ menu and chose three dishes to try.


The food was…. Oh my god – amazing! I got the Chin Chin Pork “Roll Ups”, the Chilli Salt Chicken Wings, the Corn and Coriander Fritters and to share with the girls we got the Banana Roti for dessert – oh and I can’t forget the coconut sorbet cocktail. Although it cost me $70 for dinner, it was such great food and something different that you don’t do all the time!

The atmosphere at Chin Chin is great, intimate – and I heard they have done renovations recently – downstairs is the GoGo bar just in case you have to wait for a table you can head down there for a drink.


Ranked 24th on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Melbourne, it really is a great Asian restaurant that takes a different approach to such a traditional cuisine.

UPDATE: Learnt something new, if there is a line out the front, go to the GoGo bar downstairs and you can order off the same menu – no lines!

Coburg Drive In – Coburg, Melbourne

Village cinema owned, the Coburg Drive In is only 30 minutes out of the city, and it great for date night or a catch up with your bestie.

If you have a car with a big boot, even better! Just pull the seats back and bring blankets, pillows and some great dip and biscuits and you’re set – maybe even a bottle of wine.

The drive in is such a different way to watch movies if you didn’t grow up going to this type of cinema.


A friend and I watched Nerve with Emma Roberts, it was a good movie but just the atmosphere of watching in at the drive in was so great, you can watch a movie in comfortable style – and it is cheaper than gold class.

Note to everyone planning on going to watch a scary movie there, it can actually make the movie 10 times worse, with the drive in set off the main road and surrounded by trees and bushes – we even saw a cat run across the car park.

So tune in your radio, take your own food and enjoy the movie!

In the past the Coburg Drive In has even had a food truck park on certain nights, so check out the website to find out more!


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