Exploring Melbourne


World’s most livable city.

Living two hour away from Melbourne, when you visit it is generally for already planned events. Recently moving to the city for work, I have tried to start exploring the ‘most livable city’ as much as I can.

Still visiting home regularly and working 8-5 gives me limited time to really explore the suburbs, laneways and great attractions Melbourne has to offer.


So gradually I start to embark on this journey around Melbourne to share the discoveries I have made all on my own doorstep.

An absolute must in Melbourne is going to an AFL match. I’ve been to loads in my time and nothing is better than watching a game from the MCG. Home for the weekend a few weeks in to living in Melbourne, my friends had space tickets to the footy and I had a place to stay.


So we headed to Melbourne to watch dream time at the G and of course we hit massive peak hour and missed the first quarter, but we got there! I love the atmosphere of the football, it is just electric.


One of the first restaurants I visited while living in Melbourne was Baby Pizza in Richmond. If you want real Italian food and don’t mind spending a bit more than the average cost of a pizza from Dominos, this is your place. With a really warm atmosphere and a great outdoor area for the summer time, this place is a seriously great restaurant! The pizza was incredible and the Nutella gelato, just wow!! Best thing, they even deliver to nearby suburbs!


The long weekend in June gave me time to explore the city a little more.  Having a great theatre district I went to see the Sound of Music, an old favourite of mine and it did not disappoint. Great movie and great on stage!

Having experienced many of the observation wheels in countries around the world, I thought it was the perfect time to check out the one in my own city.


Down at Harbour Town they have really developed it and are continuing to do so. Last time I went it was a bit of a ghost town. The Melbourne Star was reasonably priced, but I just don’t think it is in the right location. Great views of the Western Suburbs and Port Phillip Bay, but not much of the city, MCG and the Eureka Tower. You can’t see any of those, definitely worth a look though!


Then it was time for dinner in a Melbourne iconic laneway, Hardware Lane. We went to the restaurant Grill, Steak and Seafood, a huge menu and really nice venue. I had the salmon and it was probably one of the best pieces of salmon and it was amazingly cooked and had a beautiful mash potato with it, yum! If you love steak and seafood, this is your place!


So what is my favourite place to go in Melbourne? Crown! That’s where I was heading after dinner. Just a bit of advice, if you want to try one of those giant cocktails, try and ask for no ice, those things have so much liquid in them and once the ice melts, it is even worse! Crown is just one of those places for me, I love the atmosphere. But it is expensive, so take lots of money.

With the Monday off it was time to check out the Jurassic World exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. With your admission to the exhibit you also get a ticket to enter the museum as well, which makes it seems less expensive and you will get more value for your money. The Museum always have great exhibitions on and to just look around it so interesting. The dinosaurs were so life like and actually pretty scary, especially for little kids. The T-Rex was definitely the best!


The circus came to town just down the road from my house, Silvers Circus, so my housemate and I decided to check it out. They mainly tour everywhere, it started off slow, but I was very impressed with the acrobatics and the final event, which was the wheel of death. This consisted of four motorbikes in a metal ball doing upside down in the ball!  Remember the Simpsons movie where Homer tries it at the carnival? They did that, except didn’t fail at it!


In the winter going places after work can be a hard task, but during the school holidays Melbourne offered some great activities that were too good not to try. The Ice Rink at Federation Square was an event I tried on a fairly mild Thursday night. Before our 8pm session we tried the Food Truck Park at South Bank, I will admit it was fairly disappointing. There were two trucks open when we got there and we just ordered in time before they shut. The Caribbean truck I tried did produced a great dinner however, jerk chicken, yum.


The ice rink did not disappoint! It gave great views up the Yarra River and really was a lot of fun. For kids who weren’t confident to skate themselves, there were animal shaped seats to hire for parents to still give their children the enjoyment of the ice rink. A 45-minute session was plenty of time and really great value for everyone. With a New York Central Park feel, it was really worth heading into the city for.


With so much on offer in the winter months, I headed down to Docklands for the Friday night winter fireworks. They had lots for the kids, a snow machine and glow mini golf, so my little cousins loved it! Before the fireworks we had dinner at the Harbour Town Pub, now that was horrible! The service was terrible, they were slow and unfriendly and couldn’t handle how busy it was. They stuffed up some of ours meals and were just very unhelpful, I wouldn’t recommend going there unless it is quiet.


For the fireworks we went on the Melbourne Star, again, to view them from the top. We planned it perfectly and the fireworks started right when we reached the highest point! The view at night was so much better and the city looked beautiful! The fireworks went for a long time and they were great! Even though it was winter, I couldn’t go past the homemade ice cream shop Gelateria on the Docks after we got off the star. I tried the white chocolate and strawberry gelato, which was to die for!


Now to Chapel Street, one of my favourite streets in Melbourne and so close to my house! With a group of friends we tried Mr Miyagi. It can often be a long wait for tables so I suggest you go on a weeknight and try get there early!

To describe this restaurant would be like calling it Japanese Tapas and the food is amazing! The dishes I tried were the salmon taco with a seaweed hard shell, the five-spiced duck roti rolls and the pork gyoza. Plus I tried the Hello Kitty cocktail, which is prefect for people who love sweet drinks. All the food was incredible with beautiful flavours and a great selection, which was so filling! After dinner we walked past an ice cream parlour, Pidapipó Windsor and couldn’t help ourselves. I tried the pear gelato and the hazelnut biscotti, the pear was a little flavourless but the hazelnut, wow so good!


As winter comes to a close I decided to check out the Queen Victoria Market Winter Night Market. They had lots of food stalls, homemade candle stalls and everything crafty. Food was definitely the most important thing first, and after walking up and down all the stalls to decide between Italian, burgers, Aussie bush tucker, paella, smoked meats and everything else they had, we decided on a Mediterranean spiced chicken with couscous. It was really yum, loads of flavour! img_0732

After looking at all the different market stalls it was dessert time, they had so much to choose from! Pancakes, pastries, pies and anything that will send your calorie count through the roof, but it is way too delicious to make me care. I got the salted caramel sundae with strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, the lot! It was the type of sundae that made you instantly feel full and sick from, it was so yum though! After attempting to finish that – and failing – we continued to look around the market when we noticed a set up of tents that had all different psychics. Always wanting to try and for $30 for 15 minutes, I thought I would give Rose of Sharon a go. It almost felt like she knew me, it was kind of freaky! But definitely worth it, unless you just don’t want to know!


The market was a great mid-week event to attend. Great gifts to buy, yummy food and a really nice vibe on a calm winter night.

Well for now, that’s it for me! I will continue to make my way through Melbourne to discover everything it has to offer!


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