Travelling The United States of America: New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Anaheim


Delicious fried food, watching sports and splashing cash.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the different countries I have visited, it is that travelling with your friends is one of the best experiences you will ever have over your lifetime.

Travelling to America with my two best friends, Nicole and Amelia, was an opportunity I will never forget and will always treasure.


This holiday was booked very early in 2015, we all worked hard to save for this trip of a lifetime. So when November 29 came and it was time to head to Melbourne for the night, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Over nine months of planning for this holiday and the day had finally came.

When headed down to the Mantra Tullamarine Hotel to spend the night before our early morning flight. Complements of Nicole’s Dad, we had a gorgeous hotel room for the night and $100 for the mini bar!


So we spent the night eating and eating and more eating! It was Amelia and I who had a
brilliant idea that if we stayed up all night we would sleep really well on the plane, idiots!

When the alarm went off at 4:45am I think I had slept 45 minutes, wow! We were hoping that we would get some sleep on the huge flight.

Getting transported to Melbourne Airport we headed to the Qantas Domestic terminal to check in for our Melbourne to Sydney and Sydney to Los Angeles flight!


We landed in Sydney and got the bus to the International terminal. Then it was it, the biggest flight I’d done so far to America! Wow, it felt really surreal.

I actually couldn’t fault Qantas, we were given so many options for entertainment and meals. We were fed so much! Even a midnight snack. But guess what?! I hardly slept, of course!

When we landed in LAX we had to get our bags and check them in again, the security line was so big that we almost missed the flight. Qantas created a separate line for all those on that flight and we went express through to the plane, which was great and eased stress levels.

Flying over America I saw some of the most amazing and strange sights, this really weird crop circle type land with snow on it was one of the strangest. Then we arrived, we flew over Manhattan, wow!

This is a series of blog posts starting with New York and ending in Anaheim. Each post is a separate city. Please follow my journey that I took with my two best friends to America.



Things I learnt during the trip

  • When travelling I should have my own bed, I physically kicked Amelia out in L.A.
  • American’s welfare is horrible, the homeless people on the street is so sad
  • Drugs play a huge part in people’s lives and it was extremely evident in San Fran
  • Never let Amelia order drinks
  • American cold and flu is amazing
  • One person can never buy enough souvenir shot glasses
  • American general hospitals are really on another level
  • Lemonade is not sprite or soft drink it is lemon drink
  • Adding tax and tips is super annoying
  • Plus a whole bunch of other things along the way


Click here for New York post

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