Travelling The United States of America: Anaheim


Disneyland, the happiest place on earth.

It was time to get up early today and get ready for DISNEYLAND! As we were getting ready Amelia was saying her back was sore and that she must have slept on it wrong. So we got organised and headed over the road for our breakfast, which was upstairs. It was a pretty standard buffet breakfast, which over the course of the next few days I fell in love with bagels and powdered donuts, such a healthy breakfast.


We sat down in a booth and Amelia’s pain was getting worse to the point that it was unbearable for her! It was horrible so we asked the restaurant to call an ambulance. The rescue team came upstairs – all male and all attractive. They chatted to Mill, got her details and took her heart rate, blood pressure.

They got this wheelchair that would help them get her downstairs as well as an oxygen mask, which she said wasn’t needed and the ambo replied with “I’m sorry, did you go to medical school”, it was really funny. The hotel staff were really nice and worried about Amelia’s welfare, which was comforting for three girls over the other side of the world about to head to the hospital. We asked if we could ride in the ambulance with her and they were nice enough to let us do that as well.


So it was a short ride to Anaheim Global Hospital. Nicole and I waited the waiting room and got access to WiFi, thank god! It started to get interesting at the hospital, whilst waiting, an American guy came in and started chatting up the nurse before taking a seat. Then one of us could go see Amelia, she was still in a lot of pain. Back in the waiting again, a name was called from reception, they never replied, but about 10 minutes later that American guy came out of the toilet and reception told him they had been calling him and asked why he was so long in the toilet, his reply – sorry about the language – “I was taking a dump”, Nicole and I lost it.

Then maybe 10 minutes after that the nurse said to come back to see Amelia, while talking with her the male nurse came in with a huge needle. More test so I headed back to the waiting room.


While I was gone Nicole was telling me the guy, who was clearly on something, was talking to her. He asked her “hey girl, what are you doing here?” and he went on talking about Disneyland while his one eye was spinning in 1,000 directions and his ankle tapping, she said his ankle was sore that’s why he was in the hospital. After a while the guy came out of the reception room and sat near us. Then it was Nicole’s turn to see Amelia so she took her phone and backpack to her. Then he was talking to me, “hey girl, you sick?” and he was asking me questions about Amelia and what was wrong with her.


Nicole came back and all we could hear from the emergency room was “I’m not crazy, they took my medication, I’m not crazy”, someone else had arrived, wow. Amelia was Facebook messaging us saying it was a girl strapped to the bed yelling and screaming. Then our friend got called into emergency and she messaged us saying there was a guy on drugs in the next room who kept coming into her stall, calling her neighbour and asking if she was okay. It was our mate from the waiting room.


Only in the Anaheim public hospital, this was an experience and a half. At this point the nurse let both Nicole and I in the stall with Amelia. Our mate next door was coming in to chat, calling Amelia neighbour and was telling her he was in there because he got hit by a car and was showing her his scar on his head, that wasn’t even there!


Then he was saying the nurse’s hair looked nice and saying her highlights were good! Meanwhile the bed was rocking from his foot bouncing up and down! He said some classic  quotes such as,”is there a f$@!#ing cat in here…MEOW”, “E.T what the f@#! is E.T doing in here” and “the hulk needs some cookies, he is turning greeeennn”. They were so funny, we actually couldn’t stop laughing. So finally Amelia was discharged, she had to pay $250 straight up, which was annoying and she was still in pain the poor thing. Thank god for travel insurance!


We got the medication and headed a taxi to Disneyland, which was across the road from our hotel. Amelia was okay once she got moving, but we decided to look around on day one. We started at Disneyland and got some lunch, the eateries are like cafeterias so you get your tray and pay for what you got. We all had a creamy chicken pasta and just a soft drink, it was quite expensive. So after lunch we got photos out the front of the castle, which was beautiful with all the crystals on it for the 60th anniversary!


Then we looked at all the different worlds. Fantasyland had the princesses and all the rides based on movies such as Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. Mickey’s Toon Town had all the houses of the characters, we went into Mickey’s, it was so cute. Of course we had our ears on too! The attention to detail at these different worlds was incredible, unlike anything I had seen before at any other theme parks.


We got on the train and did a lap of the worlds to have a look at everything. We got off and wondered around the New Orleans Square and watched the steamboat and pirate ship come around the lake. They had the cutest boutique shops and just really nice restaurants. Then we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride, very tame for Amelia’s back, which was good! We also had a look in Pooh’s Treehouse gift shop and I got a Chip mug from Beauty and the Beast, it was so cute. I also got some white chocolate coated pretzels, which tasted amazing, I definitely wish I got more!


Then we looked at Frontierland, which was a wild west theme and Adventureland, which was old school American and also had Indiana Jones and Aladdin rides. Lastly we looked in Tomorrowland, which is a Si-Fi theme and had a Toy Story gift shop, Toy Story was one of my favourites. It was just on dark when we were heading to California Adventure Park to get some photos there. We got the end of the Disney parade as we were walking out, which was really good.


California Adventure wasn’t nearly as busy and I loved it! We had a quick look around the Paradise Pier and got some awesome photos with the roller coaster and ferris wheel in the background, the lights were on so the photos looked amazing! We looked at Hollywood and then headed back to our room, we were all pretty buggered! We had dinner at IHOP, I got a Mexican omelette with a side of red velvet pancakes, oh my god I was in a food coma! So delicious and cheap.

Wow, it was a crazy day! We really did see a different side to America!




Amelia still wasn’t feeling much better the next morning. Once Nicole and I got ready we decided to go to breakfast and bring some back for Amelia, who was determined she was coming to Disneyland. At breakfast I had more powdered donuts and a bagel, no surprises there they were so delicious! When we got back to the room, Amelia was still sleeping and she wasn’t feeling any better. So we decided we would go to California Adventure Park and come back and get her around 3pm to go back.


So Nicole and I went to California Adventure Park. When we went through security the old guy checking bags was pointing at my Go Pro in my bag and asked what it was, explained it was my Go Pro. Then I pulled it out and he said he wasn’t sure if I could take in the handle. So I asked if I could just take the handle off and throw it in the bin. He argued with me and said if I did that he would be calling security. I couldn’t understand why, I said they could have it. So management came down to inspect the handle, I asked her if I could just throw it out, she said “oh you’re willing to surrender it” yes, I even told the guy I would. I had been saying it for the last 10 minutes, so it wasted everyone’s time.


Anyway, we headed in and went to explore A Bug’s Life world. Everything was made really big so we felt like bugs! It was really creative the entrance was through a giant cereal box, we got a photo with Flik, the blue ant from the movie.

All the rides were a bit kiddy for us so we headed on to Radiator Springs from Cars! It was exactly like the movie, they had the hotel, Flo’s Cafe, the garage and everything! Any Cars fan would absolutely love this, it was incredible. We headed to the Cars ride, Radiator Springs Racers, and decided to go in the singles line because we would ride quicker. On the top of every ride they have the waiting time, to go together it was a 70 minute wait, for the singles ride it was 5 minutes! Such a good idea, the ride was awesome.


After the ride we looked around the Cars gift shops and then lined up for a photo with Mater at Cozy Cones Motel! Next was Mater’s ride, which was similar to the cha cha, but you are in tractors. After Radiator Springs we headed to Paradise Pier, it was really beautiful, like an old school carnival! We headed to the California Screamer, it is the high white roller coaster! We waited probably 20 minutes to get to the front.


At Disneyland there is no place to put your bag before going on the ride, so pretty much hold on and hope for the best, which is terrifying! So the roller coaster counts down then flies up this huge hill and then drops! It had so many loops and drops. We walked along all the carnival stalls, they have another Toy Story shop where I bought the socks of Woody and Buzz, it even has ‘Andy’ on the sole.


Next we headed for the famous ferris wheel, the Mickey one in all the photos. We chose to go on the swinging one, which had a longer wait. So we got on with two other people and went around enjoying the view of the park. We got some pace swinging so it made the ride less boring and repetitive. Once we got off we noticed Woody was out for photos, so we lined up and got our photo with him, love Toy Story!


After that we headed to one of the food outlets and got lunch, we had pasta again, but it was a little different, not as nice. Doing a loop around we passed the Goofy Flying School roller coaster, which looked fun! Even though we had just eaten we decided to go on it. For a small roller coaster the drops were pretty high, it was a good one for kids! We got some day time photos of the wheel, lake and roller coaster before heading to Grizzly Peak.


It was such a cute world and was made to look like a forest and reminded me of American summer camps from movies. We spotted this awesome water ride and headed to line up. There were lots of ‘caution you will get wet’ signs and the little boy in out tyre kept saying we would get wet, but nothing could compare to how wet we got! There were massive drops and water would pour in, I was holding onto my bag for dear life!


When we got off we were freezing! I was nowhere near as wet as Nicole though! We then went to Hollywood, the last part of California Adventure. We had seen most of it the night before so we headed for the ride, Hollywood Tower of Terror from the Twilight Zone! It was made to look like a hotel so the ride was in an elevator, which made Nicole’s fear of elevators even more greater and of course we were seated at the front. The ride was scary but I loved it!


Like the Giant Drop in Queensland on the Gold Coast, it shoots you to the top and drops you, not just once though, lots of times and sometimes you stop then drop more. At the top of the ride the doors open up and you get an amazing view of the park. But, you also have to hold your bag. Nicole was so scared she let it go at one point. It was by far my favourite ride! Before heading to get Amelia we explored the rest of Hollywood and went on the Monsters Inc ride to calm ourselves from the last one.


So we headed back to our room to change from our wet clothes! Amelia was feeling okay, still not great the poor thing! We got ready and went back. First we went to California Adventure to show Mill Radiator Springs and A Bug’s Life. We also went to Pacific Wharf, which is set out like San Fransisco! They had a Ghirardelli chocolate shop so we decided to get an ice cream. I got the salted caramel sundae, oh my god, it was delicious. Very sweet though. After that we went to Disneyland to look for somewhere to eat. We went to Adventureland and ate at this old saloon type cafeteria. I got the chicken tenders and chilly cheese fries, wow they were amazing! Chilly cheese fries are the best!


After dinner we headed to the castle to wait for the fireworks, a 40 minute wait, but we had fairly good view. We were told due to high wind the show may not go on, however, there was no wind, that was a bit odd! Anyway the show did start and it was incredible, I had goosebumps! The Lion King part was my favourite. The show was scenes projected on the castle from Disney movies with the music and fireworks! I loved it, we all did. Just before the finale it stopped! So we missed that due to ‘high wind’, I still was impressed though. On our way out we got last minute gifts and then headed back to the hotel for the night.


Overall, Disneyland is such a fun place and the level of detail is just incredible, I would love to go back.


Our last day in America! We got up early to  check out before heading to the meeting place for our Warner Brothers and tour of the stars home tour! Nicole and I ran up to get some breakfast for the go and we walked to the meeting place that was written on our travel documents, I got directions given to me by the really helpful staff at the hotel. When we got there I had a gut feeling it wasn’t right so I walked into the shop near the bus stop and asked to use their phone.


I rang the company and they said they didn’t know why I was given that address and the meeting point was outside the hotel. So we walked back and waited for the bus – that was late. We picked up more people and instead of starting the tour, were taken to the Starline offices to get out tickets.

Once we got our schedule for the day it said we would finish the tour at 4:45pm at Warner Brothers studio. Our shuttle was getting us at 6pm and we thought this was only a four-hour tour. We spoke to management and they said there was no way we would be back in time. They reckon it is a four hour tour but with ‘free time’. So what, an extra four hours is free time?! We asked if there was anything we could do.


The options were do the tour of the stars homes and then end the tour and get the train from Hollywood to Anaheim or do the whole tour and the creepy bus driver would give us a lift to the airport for $50 in his own personal car! Lastly, a refund. We decided to get the refund and use the money to pay for the Warner Brothers tour and find our own way there and back.

We went back to reception to say we will have the refund and she said we only gave her a voucher, which meant our travel agent paid them after we completed the tour – which we later found out was a lie because we pay by the due date and our travel agent pays the company. We were all so angry, that company is so unorganised, rude and misleading.


If you are ever thinking of booking a tour with Starline I would reconsider. Even looking at their Facebook reviews many people have had issues with them. It also took us six months to get our money back when we got home! So we just ordered an Uber and headed to Warner Brothers, this would make us completely out of pocket! Our Uber driver just laughed the whole way to Warner Brothers, which was about an hour drive, he was nice, just a bit odd! So we made it to the studio and paid $60 to do the tour, our tour was to begin at 11:30am. I was down to my last $20 in American money at this point to the last the rest of the day.


We started the tour, our guide was really funny and knew so much! I loved the tour, we saw the New York set and they played scenes that had been filmed in sets. Spiderman was filmed on this lot and there was a part of the New York set where Tobey MaGuire hung upside down for eight hours because they didn’t want to keep hanging him up there!


We went to the set of Rosewood where Pretty Little Liars was filmed! We saw the main street, the town hall, the church, shop fronts and  the high school. We also got to go into Emily’s house and the backyard of Spenser’s house where the barn was. Also in that town the Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls were filmed. My favourite part of the tour was seeing Rosewood!

We went to the Chicago set and saw where parts of Friends was also filmed, it was so impressive how they looked like real towns! Then we went to the museum where they had the Batman exhibit and Harry Potter. The Batman one had costumes Heath Ledger wore as the Joker!


They also had props from all the films and all the masks used! If you are a Harry Potter fan you would love this exhibit. I had a go at putting the hat on and I was put into Gryffindor. We also got to see the sets of Big Bang Theory, no photos were allowed, but it was so awesome! Then we went to Pretty Little Liars coffee shop, The Brew! I wish we could have taken photos, we weren’t allowed to see anymore of the set for Pretty Little Liars due to spoilers.


Then we got to see all the cars from the Batman movies! All the Batmobiles, I really love Batman so it was awesome. This tour really takes you to everything, it was great! At the end we were dropped off at another museum. It had the Central Perk from Friends set where you could sit down at the couch and get photos. They had costumes from Friends as well as the set of Two and a Half Men, but it was roped off. They also had props from other films and I even got to hold an Oscar, it was so heavy. Then we headed to the gift shop, I had to use my bank card from Australia due to being low of funds because of Starline!


We ordered an Uber back to Anaheim. Kitty was our driver and oh my god! She was the first female course trainer, an actress, an animator, had been friends with Walt Disney, was a dancer and they even want to write a book on her! So we could work out why she is an Uber driver? We tried to catch her out, but she was good and had a back story! Oh and her drawings were copied for the movies, a Night in the Museum and the Hobbit! But, they had changed them 30% so it was copyright. Traffic was really bad on the way back so it was an hour and a half of Kitty’s stories.


We finally made it back around 3pm and we headed to McDonald’s for a late lunch and early dinner. We spent a while in there and couldn’t believe that soft serve ice creams in Australia are 50cents, but $1.19 in America! Everything else was cheaper apart from the ice cream. We headed to the hotel before 5pm and hung out in the reception, got changed into comfortable clothes for the long flight. Around 6pm our driver picked us up to take us to LAX! We checked in as soon as we could and Phillip at the desk was so kind to us! He tried to get Amelia a better seat for her back, but the flight was full! Her bags also weighed 25 kgs each, they were meant to be 23 kgs each, but he let them on. Qantas were a good service!


We headed through security and did some duty-free shopping. I had some Australia money I could use so I got two bottles of vodka. Then I was completely broke, priorities! We just waited at the boarding gate for ages, our flight was at 11pm! Out of the 14 hours I slept at least 10 of it – thanks to the cold and flu I took!


We got into Melbourne of Sunday the 20th, that Saturday was gone forever!

Goodbye America you really are one of a kind! I made some amazing memories and it was hands down the best experience of my life! I will be back again.



Things I would like to do in Anaheim:

  • To have visited a Walmart 
  • Got to do our actual tour


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